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Enter For a Chance to Receive & Test a Free Pre-Release Able Disk Fine Filter!

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Want to win one of the new 100 free Able Fine Discs? Keep Reading!

Able Disk Standard and Able Disk Fine Side by Side

Not surprisingly, Able Brewing is at it again. Able has built a reputation as a company committed to innovation, quality, and better brewing. In its relatively short history, Able Brewing has designed two highly praised brewing filters, the Kone and the Disk. The current Disk will remain unchanged and will be the standard option for Aeropress users. But Able listened to its customers and the consensus can be summed by one request: an even finer metal filter. Introducing the Disk - Fine!

Able Disk Overlap


This new design of the Disk answers the call for an even finer metal filter. The holes measure to half of the diameter of the standard Disk, therefore resulting in a greater density of precisely etched holes. To achieve this, however, the metal had to be thinner. This finer Disk is a bit more delicate; while the standard Disk has the potential to hold up for a lifetime, the finer Disk sacrifices some durability to achieve a greater degree of fineness, resulting in an even cleaner cup. While thin, the Fine is still made of high quality stainless steel and with careful cleaning and storage techniques, the user should ensure that they get lots of use from the finer Disk.

Is There Really a Difference?

Yes. Now, we do feel that the standard Disk yields a considerably clear cup, but of course there are others who want an even cleaner, less sediment-containing brew. We have experimented with this finer version, and the results were extraordinary! The cup tasted like it had been brewed using a cloth filter, with oils present but sediment unperceived. For those desiring a cleaner metal filter, the finer Disk is a success.

Now What?

Here's the fun part!

  • Able Brewing has only manufactured a limited quantity of pre-production fine Disks.
  • 100 are available, for free, and only here!
  • We will be choosing 100 people to send a Disk-Fine to for Free. You don't have to pay for the Disk-Fine, you don't have to pay for shipping. You get it for free.
  • We will be accepting information forms until Monday evening (4/2/12) at which time we will choose the 100 and send the Disk-Fines out on Tuesday.

Able wants to get your feedback and gauge interest and reaction to determine whether to move forward with a full production, and you have a chance to make that happen. If you are interested in receiving a FREE Disk-Fine to review, fill in your information below to put your name in for a chance to be one of the lucky 100! If selected, we ask that you test the new Disk-Fine and then come back and write your thoughts or review in the comment section below within a week after receiving your Disk-Fine. Feel free to interact with other comments as well. Remember that the production of this rests upon your reactions so please be completely honest with your results and opinions after testing out your Disk-Fine!

One More Thing!

We will be accepting recipes from those who receive a pre-release Disk-Fine, and will select one of those to be included in the packaging should the Disk-Fine go into full production. How cool is that, seriously? Now, what are you waiting for, fill out that form!

Must be able to receive USPS mail and be at least 18 years of age

UPDATE 4/30/12: The 100 filters were sent out and we are currently collecting reviews and recipes here: Able DISK Fine Reviews & Recipes. Able Brewing Equipment has announced their plans to put the DISK Fine into production and offer it alongside of the standard DISK Aeropress filter. For more information on that announcement as well as the recipe contest, go here: DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline.

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Fantastic. Looking forward to putting one of these to use...sounds like they'll be in the lucky hands in time for the World AeroPress Championship.

Exciting! Cannot wait to use it.

Lots of Aeropress love lately :)

Can you also make a similar filters, that will work with different sizes og standar Bodum French Press?

Yes please do this.

I want to try! :-)

Yes, just in time for the Championships!

I think I'm too late but I want one :)

You're correct that you are too late for the contest :( However, keep your eyes peeled on Able's twitter feed and this blog to see the reviews and find out if they will be put into production.


I received it yesterday! Right now, I'm enjoying a delicious Coffee from a local Hamburgian roastery. At the first glimpse, the disc works really very good. Thank you very much for giving the disc away to us.

Greetings from Germany!

Great, glad it made it!  We'd love to hear more of your thoughts and DISK Fine recipes. When you get a chance to experiment more, please leave a review and your favorite recipe here: Able DISK Fine Review & Recipes (and maybe get your recipe on the package of the DISK Fine if it goes into production!).

As an update to our last comment, these will officially be going into production! 
More info here: DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline

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