AeroPress Coffee Maker (Clear)

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  • AeroPress Coffee Maker
  • AeroPress Coffee Maker


  • What's in the box

  • AeroPress Clear Coffee Press
  • Filter Cap
  • Stir Paddle
  • Scoop
  • Paper Filters
A Versatile Coffee Maker

A Versatile Coffee Maker

Invented in 2005 by a Stanford engineer the AeroPress is a clever, yet highly approachable coffee maker that can be found in kitchens, backpacks, and even cafes across the world. As an immersion brewer, the AeroPress requires no special gooseneck kettle or pouring technique - simply place the filter, combine a measure of finely ground coffee and hot water, give it a stir and press! With the included paper filters the AeroPress produces a sediment-free cup with medium body and a clean finish. When paired with the Able Brewing Disk or Disk Fine, you can get an even more french-press-like cup with a dense body. Looking for a way to make cappuccinos or lattes at home without an espresso machine? The Aeropress also works well for creating an espresso-like concentrate that pairs well with cold or steamed milk.

Familiar Design, New Look

Familiar Design, New Look

For years, the Original AeroPress has been available only in a translucent gray finish. In 2023, AeroPress began to branch out with new colors and materials to create a more aesthetically pleasing product that still retains its original functionality and purpose. The AeroPress Clear allows the user to better see the slurry of grounds, because who doesn’t want to get a better view of that beautiful chemical reaction?

More Durable than Ever

More Durable Than Ever

AeroPress Clear is constructed from Tritan plastic, a highly durable and crystal clear material that prevents coffee stains and is more dishwasher safe than the Original AeroPress’s Polypropylene build material. The AeroPress is super lightweight, yet sturdy enough to haphazardly toss into any bag and head up the trail with no fear of damage. That’s what makes it one of our favorite brewers ever!




    Capable of Multiple Brewing Styles


    Easy to Clean


    BPA-Free Plastic Retains Heat

More Features

Offers Sweet & Balanced Extraction

Simple Brewing Process

Offers One to Three Servings

Light & Compact

Full Immersion Eliminates Bitterness


Materials: Tritan, Silicone Rubber
Dimensions: 11.75" (H) x 4.75" (W) x 4.5" (D)
Capacity: Approximately 250ml or 8oz

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