CLEARANCE | Ancap Evolution Spirale Porcelain Saucers

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Ancap Verona Spirale Saucers
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  • ancap verona millecolori evolution spirale espresso saucer in teal
  • porcelain espresso saucer
  • italian porcelain espresso cup on special design saucer
  • ancap verona espresso cup with millecolori evolution spirale saucer in teal
  • ancap italian porcelain demitasse cup with decorated saucer


The design scope of porcelain ware made for baristas both at home and in the cafe has rarely wandered far from utilitarian. Ancap however, is a company breaking this mold. From their Edizioni sets, to their Hand-Painted saucers, Ancap is adding touches of fresh style with their high quality porcelain, and their newest addition to their porcelain lineup is no exception. The MilleColori Evolution series from Ancap adds unique designs to their most popular cup and saucer models.

One of the first editions of the new MilleColori Evolution series is the Spirale. The Spirale design includes a symmetrically designed pattern that surrounds the outer rim of Ancap's Verona saucers. The design is fired onto their saucers at extreme temperatures, allowing it to melt completely into the glaze of the saucer, resulting in a smooth finish that is completely resistant to scratches or harsh detergents.


Those interested in wholesale quantities should inquire with Ancap USA.

The Features:

  • Pure Porcelain (kaolin, feldspar, and quartz) fired at 2552°F
  • After applying the design to the saucers , they are fired in-glaze, resulting in a design that is completely protected by the glaze on the saucer. The finish is smooth, semi-glossy, and scratch-resistant.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 100% Made in Italy
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