Astoria Plus 4 You Automatic Espresso Machine | 2 or 3 Groups

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Astoria no longer offers the Red & Black color option on their Plus 4 You espresso machine. There’s still a limited quantity remaining, so please contact us for availability. Be sure to check out our other Astoria machines.


257 lbs
34 in
25 in
26 in


The Plus 4 You is Astoria's flagship machine, presenting incisive, bold lines with a sleek, audacious paint job. And with energy saving technology as well as noteworthy internals, this machine is what some might call the cat’s meow.

Incorporating technical care and control with their new smart, energy efficient software, the Plus 4 You is the first espresso machine in Astoria’s “Green Line.” With this patented software, the machine learns the workload requirements of various times of the day and week and uses that information to activate functions only when and where they are needed. Reducing energy consumption by up to 47%, the Plus 4 You is not only friendlier on the environment but your wallet too.

Uniqueness doesn’t stop there, though. Unlike any other Astoria machine, the Plus 4 You features a multi-boiler system, with a large, dedicated steam boiler and independent brew boilers for each group. And because each boiler, as well as each grouphead, can be set to a desired temperature, this machine offers fabulous temperature stability and control.

Speaking of control, by way of the digital display, you are able to not only adjust energy saving parameters and internal temperatures but also view performance information, including a shot timer, a shot counter, a water softener replacement reminder, and even coffee extraction errors.

With all of these features, the Plus 4 You might actually be a plus for you. It’s available as a 2 or 3 group machine (4 group can be special ordered), giving you exactly what you need for your situation. The 2 group is a great solution for medium-volume cafes, while the 3 group is better fit for high-volume situations (cafes with a drive-thru). In addition to the base features listed above, cool-touch steam wands are a possible upgrade (select from the drop-down menu when adding this item to your cart).

What's in the box:

  • Astoria Plus 4 You Automatic Espresso Machine
  • 2 Double portafilters
  • 1 Single portafilter
  • 1 Backflush screen
  • Astoria aluminum tamper with wooden handle
  • Additional 4" legs (standard are 2.5")
  • USB programming key
  • 3/8" short braided water line (6 ft)
  • 3/8" long braided water line (15 in)
  • 3/4" drain hose (6.5 ft)
  • 3/8m x 3/8m and 3/8m x 3/8f reducers
  • 4mm restrictor


Standard Features:

  • Multi-boiler system with individual brew boilers
  • Electronic temperature control of boilers and groupheads
  • Raised group heads for oversize cups
  • 6 programmable, volumetric dosing touch pads
  • Preinfusion technology
  • Turn style steam knobs
  • Cup warmer
  • Auto wash cycle
  • Electronic display
  • Barista downlights
  • Greenline Energy Saver
  • Electronic steam and group boiler controls
  • Hot water dispenser with cool-water mixing valve
  • Available in Red/Black or White/Chrome
  • 12 months part coverage warranty
  • 3 months labor warranty

Upgrade Options:

  • Cool-touch steam wands


Model: Astoria Plus 4 You SAE 2 Astoria Plus 4 You SAE 3
Operation: Automatic Automatic
Boiler Type: Dual boilers Dual boilers
Coffee boiler capacity: 1.0 L (per group) 1.0 L (per group)
Steam boiler capacity: 8 0 L 13.0 L
Height: 22.6 in 22.6 in
Width: 32.7 in 42.1 in
Depth: 22.8 in 22.8 in
Weight: 163 lbs 207 lbs
Voltage: 220 V 220 V
Amps: 21.3 26.1
Heating Element Wattage: 3000 4000
Total Wattage: 4900 6000
Drain Hole Diameter: 2.5 in 2.5 in

Water Requirements

  • 3/8" dedicated cold water line with shut off valve and compression fitting.
  • Water hardness cannot exceed 3gpg or 50ppm.
  • Water softener must be installed if it exceeds the limits.
  • Minimum incoming water flow rate of 35gph.
  • Maximum line pressure of 70psi (5 bar).

Drain Requirements

  • Open gravity drain with a minimum of 1.25 inches.
  • Must be within 4 feet of the machine.
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