Astoria Tempesta Commercial Espresso Machine | 2 or 3 Groups

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  • Astoria Tempesta Commercial Espresso Machine
  • Astoria Tempesta Commercial Espresso Machine
  • Astoria Tempesta Commercial Espresso Machine
  • Astoria Tempesta Commercial Espresso Machine


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  • Astoria Tempesta Commercial Espresso Machine
Astoria Tempesta Group Head Panel

A Step Forward

The Tempesta represents a dramatic shift in Astoria's offerings. Known primarily for their budget-friendly heat exchanger machines, Astoria put their best foot forward with the Tempesta: a fully featured multi-boiler machine that can go toe-to-toe with the best of them. Inside, you'll find independent brew boilers, a capacious insulated steam boiler with tons of steam power, and adjustable heaters in each group to further manage the brewing system temperature. Each group is a adorned with a 5" touch display that makes everything from pulling a shot, running a backflush cycle, and programming your recipes during your morning dial-in a snap. On top of that, the displays offer an unprecedented look at live espresso performance, with a live graph of both pressure and flow rate for each shot you pull.

Astoria Tempesta Commercial Espresso Machine

Thermal Management

Each of the Tempesta's groups can be programmed independently. Boiler temperature, group heater temperature, and even the brew recipes can all be set to your desired settings and if you wish to program each group differently - such as for pulling different coffees - you can. The volumetric programs also include a timed pre-infusion stage of up to 10 seconds. With 6 shot profiles at your disposal, you can set and pull any style of shot you wish. Each group also features a mechanical button right above the portafilter handle, making it effortless to lock in and pull a shot in one motion. The button can be programmed to pull a standard double, run in continuous flow mode, or to run a quick flush of water through the group to clear any residual grinds.

Astoria Tempesta Flow Rate Chart

Green Espresso

As part of Astoria's Green Line, the Tempesta also features eco modes to save on energy usage. The machine can be set to revert to a low power, standby mode on a schedule or manually, and it can even learn to automatically distribute power where it is needed based on usage. By limiting power use overnight and during slow periods, the Tempesta is capable of reducing energy costs by up to 47%.

Astoria Tempesta Commercial Espresso Machine Parts Diagram


    Superb thermal management


    Articulating cool touch steam wands


    Live pressure and flow graph during shot pulling


    Hot water dispenser with cool-water mixing valve

More Features

6 programmable, volumetric dosing buttons

Mechanical quick-start button

Eco-modes for power savings

Programmable timed pre-infusion

1 year parts, 90 day service warranty


Model: Astoria Tempesta SAEP 2 Astoria Tempesta SAEP 3
Operation: Auto-Volumetric Auto-Volumetric
Boiler Type: Multi-boiler Multi-boiler
Brew boiler capacity: 1.2 L x 2 1.2 L x 3
Steam boiler capacity: 8.5 L 8.5 L
Height: 19.7 in 19.7 in
Width: 40.7 in 46.2 in
Depth: 24.3 in 24.3 in
Weight: 214 lbs 258 lbs
Voltage: 220 V 220 V
Brew Boiler Wattage: 1000 W x 2 1000 W x 3
Group Heater Wattage: 150 W x 2 150 W x 3
Steam Boiler Wattage: 3000 W 4000 W

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California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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