Everpure Claris Ultra Cartridges (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

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Everpure's Claris Ultra filter is an ideal solution to reduce high alkalinity while leaving Ca and Mg in tact. Best for water with TDS made up of 2/3 or more bicarbonate content, chloride below 30ppm and silica levels below 8ppm. Claris Ultra combines ion-exchange technology with scale inhibition by adding a small amount of polyphosphates to the water, allowing some flexibility for water blending with the Claris Gen2 Head's bypass valve, and at the same time preventing minerals from forming scale inside of steel boilers and ice machines. If purchasing Claris Ultra for the first time, this cartridge should be paired with the Claris Gen2 3/8" NPT Head.

Claris Ultra Small Spec Sheet

Claris Ultra Medium Spec Sheet

Claris Ultra Large Spec Sheet

Claris Ultra XL Spec Sheet

Claris Ultra XXL Spec Sheet


Item # Capacity (Liters) Capacity (Gallons) Flow Rate (LPM) Micron Rating Flow Rate (GPM) Model Number
EV433980 2500 660 2 5 0.5 Claris Ultra 250-S
EV433981 4200 1109 2 5 0.5 Claris Ultra 500-M
EV433982 8500 2245 2 5 0.5 Claris Ultra 1000-L
EV433983 12100 3196 3.7 5 1 Claris Ultra 1500-XL
EV433984 20000 5283 3.7 5 1 Claris Ultra 2000-XXL
EV433986 4750 1255 3.79 5 1 Claris Prime
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Warranty Information

1 year manufacturer's warranty
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