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Hario Skerton Pro now even better

The Classic, Upgraded

The name Hario is synonymous with high-quality coffee and tea products, and over the past century, they've continued to improve upon their products. The original Skerton won hearts and minds with its large capacity, easy to replicate grind settings, and approachable price tag. Hario kept all of that in their biggest update to the hand grinder to date while making some notable changes to improve usability, longevity, and grind quality all at once. Not only were these welcome upgrades, but Hario managed to keep the Skerton Pro extremely affordable, catering to anyone at any point in their coffee journey.

Emptying grounds into V60

Notable Improvements

Starting at the top they've added a solid cast handle to replace the thin metal arm of old, and they simplified the connection to the drive axle by making it a hexagonal fitting that doesn't require you to unscrew a locking nut to remove the handle any longer. The grind adjustment is now controlled with a stepped adjustment below the burr similar to Hario's Mini Slim grinder, making adjustment simple and repeatable by counting the adjustment clicks from zero. While this hand grinder still sports a 100 gram grinds catch capacity it also has a new wide base silicone foot to stabilize the unit on your countertop for smooth grinding. With just a handful of small improvements Hario managed to turn a classic hand mill into a grinder suitable for home brewers new and seasoned alike.

Hario Skerton better grind consistency

Better Consistency, Better Brews

The biggest improvement you'll find in the Skerton Pro is in its overall grind consistency versus the older Hario hand grinders. The addition of plastic struts inside of the grinder body adds strength to the body and drive axle, reducing the impact of the repeated torque of grinding. You'll also find a burr stabilization spring made to keep the axle securely fixed, reducing burr wobble and increasing grind consistency across the range of the grinder but especially at those coarser settings that are notorious for boulders and fines. This all makes the Skerton Pro a strong contender for folks who like some variety in their lives; you can trust that you'll get great grinds for your Aeropress, V60, French press and more..


    Large ceramic burrs


    Stepped grind adjustment wheel


    Wide adjustment range from fine drip to cold brew


    100 gram grinds bin capacity, 60 gram bean hopper capacity

More Features

Internal bushing and burr spring stabilization

Constructed of steel, glass, plastic, and silicone

Wider grip with flat-bottom silicone foot

Easy to remove solid cast crank arm


Manufacturer: Hario
Model: Skerton Pro
Hopper Capacity: 60 grams
Container Capacity: 100 grams
Burr Type/Material: Conical Ceramic
Materials: BPA-Free Plastic & Glass
Dimensions: 6.5 in. (W) × 6.5 in. (H) × 4 in. (D)

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