Product Comparison | Gooseneck Pour Over Kettles

Product Comparison | Gooseneck Pour Over Kettles

Apr 12th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

An essential accessory for many manual brewing methods, pour over kettles can make quite the difference in the cup, not to mention user experience. At Prima, we've cultivated an offering of top-notch kettles for the professional and novice alike, from simple stove-top models to precision variable temperature units. In this video, Steve shares on the benefits and drawbacks of each gooseneck kettle, so you can find the perfect fit for your brew bar.



Hey, guys. This is Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today, we're going to take a look at our line of gooseneck pouring kettles. Kind of compare some of the features and differences between them, and get you situated with a good idea of what might be the best one for you. Starting out over here, we've got some of our stovetop kettles, very first being the Bonavita Stovetop. It's a stainless steel one-liter kettle. It's pretty simple and bare bones, it's also a little bit lightweight. We have a very simple molded plastic handle that's actually pretty comfortable to use. One of the other nice features is we actually have these large steam holes in the lid, so if you want to stick a thermometer down into your kettle and take a look at your water temperature, it's really easy to do with this kettle. Now the spout is big and actually has a pretty nice flow rate through it. It is a little bit tougher to control for a more precise pouring, but overall really nice budget-friendly kettle with a lot of great features. Now the one-liter Bonavita is also available in an electric model, as well as a variable temperature. The electric is just sort of an on/off self-heating switch. It has some slight differences but overall pretty much the same as the stovetop.

Bonavita Pouring Kettle - 1 Liter

1-liter (33.8 ounces) capacity

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Moving on, we have Hario's Buono kettle. This one is very kind of well-known mainly for its kind of stylish looks, but also is sort of one of the pioneer gooseneck kettles that hit the market along with the rise of v60 and pour over brewing with specialty coffee. So this guy is the one-liter kettle, it also comes in a 1.2 liter as well as an 800-milliliter electric model. You'll notice the handle is nice and contoured for gripping with your fingers, really comfortable to hold. The lid, as well, has somewhat spacious steam holes that could accommodate a probe thermometer. They're a little bit smaller than the Bonavitas, so for some thermometers, you might have to kind of bore it out a little bit. Otherwise, a very, very nice kettle to hold and to use and pouring, it has a little bit more control than the Bonavita especially with that 1.2-liter version, but perhaps not the most control out of all the kettles that we have here today.

Hario V60 Buono Kettle - Japanese Made

Low-mounted spout for an easier, more comfortable pour

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Moving on, we have the Kalita thin spout. Now this is a 700-milliliter kettle. It's got great pouring control, but it has some features that some people don't really like. One of which is the metal lid or the metal knob on the lid, which does get a little bit hot if you're heating this up on the stove, so it can be hard to kind of pull it off after you're done brewing because it's kind of uncomfortable to touch. However, the pouring control is excellent on this. The shape and taper of the spout gives really nice control especially for fine pouring, and thanks to the small size, you know that's a pretty good plus to have because you're going to be doing small brews with only 700 milliliters of water.

Kalita Thin Spout Kettle - 700mL

Ultra-thin spout for precision pours

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Moving up we have the Kalita Wave Pot Kettle, which has a very distinctive sort of scooping gooseneck spout which actually gives really nice high flow rate when you need it. But also because of this sort of taper at the end, you can get really good pour control and the design is sort of like pinched spout tip also it helps give you that nice control if you need to slow down your flow rate. We also have some lovely little wood accents on the knob on the lid. A wooden handle here as well. This is not the most comfortable handle to hold onto during pouring, especially if you have this full one-liter capacity, as well as this sort of hard edge up here. It can be somewhat uncomfortable on your fingers. It's not too bad, but there are better designed handles out there. But overall, it's a really lovely kettle. And again, because you have that broad range of high flow rate and precise control, it makes it a really versatile kettle as well.

Kalita Wave Pot Pouring Kettle - 1 Liter

Distinctive gooseneck gives a high flow-rate while allowing optimal control

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Now one of the newer kettles that we have is Fellow's Stagg Kettle. You'll notice it's sort of a more modern angular design including the spout and the handle as well. This handle is sort of ergonomically shaped. It's really comfortable to hold. It's also counterweighted, which kind of transfers the sort of pivot and the center of gravity back toward your hand which makes it a little bit more comfortable to pour, especially for those longer brews. It is a one-liter capacity, and we also have an integrated brew thermometer in the lid, so this comes with the kettle. It has a dial. It's a fairly standard probe thermometer, but it has a dial that indicates the sort of ideal zone of brewing temperatures. So that's a really nice feature. The updated Stagg has a slightly tapered tip as well, so previously had some issues with dribbling as you slowed down your flow rate which are more or less resolved with the new tip. So that is a really excellent stovetop kettle.

Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle

Counter-weighted handle for more pour control

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For something a little bit more luxurious we have the Hario Copper Buono. Now this kettle is entirely copper. Inside is plated with nickel so it does have a slightly different appearance, but it's just a nickel plating over an actual copper material and the whole thing is clear coated to prevent tarnishing so it'll be nice and shiny as long as you keep that well maintained. What's nice about this kettle, so it's a 900-milliliter capacity, but it has a sort of thinner spout with a different taper than the classic Buono, and it has a little bit better pour control because of that. So for smaller brews, you know, maybe a 500-milliliter batch, you have a lot of the same features as the classic Buono, but you have finer pour control and that can be really beneficial. We also have this brass handle and on the newer models, we also have a silicone handle cover. So the brass can be a little bit warm and uncomfortable to touch if it's been cooking on the stove. This silicone handle keeps everything nice and insulated, nice and comfortable to use.

Hario Copper Buono Pouring Kettle 900mL

Brilliant copper with a nickel finished interior

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Moving on, we have the Takahiro kettle. These are fairly basic stainless-steel kettles and, like the Wave or the Kalita Thin Spout kettles, they have really nice pouring control. A couple of other features that we really like, the rolled lip on the kettle itself is rolled outward, and that means that you can empty this entirely. It's very easy. You can just kind of dump all the water out, get a paper towel there, and you don't have to worry about anything collecting on the inside. So it's very easy to empty out fully and dry fully, if you don't want to leave excess water hanging around for whatever to grow in. So that's a really nice feature. The lid locks on. Unfortunately, that steam hole is quite small and isn't really made to accommodate a thermometer. You could drill it out if you like, but as it is, it's not very workable for most thermometers. However, that pouring control is probably one of the biggest and best features of the Takahiro kettles. Now these come in 900-milliliter and 500-milliliter sizes, so you can go for a smaller model if you only do single cup brewing.

Takahiro Pouring Kettles

Thin pouring spout for ultimate control

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One of the newest ones that we have is the Hario Bona kettle. Now, this has a sort of a camp style aesthetic. It's an enamel-coated steel. We have the white outside, some nice wood accents, steel handle with a wood cover. And then, of course, inside we have that classic camp look with the sort of speckled enamel. The pouring spout on this is somewhat irregular compared to the rest here. It sort of seems like it has a higher flow rate but because it's so pinched and small on the top it's a little bit harder to control and it doesn't quite have the flow you'd expect out of a kettle this size. So it is a 1.4-liter capacity. Hario says it has more or less, like an eight hundred milliliter practical capacity. What you find it works pretty well with 1 to 1.2 liters for the most part. It's really great for something like a Chemex brew, but if you really need precise pouring, it seems to kind of lack that. We'd prefer to use it for maybe flat-bottomed drippers that aren't as sort of prone to channeling or something with imprecise pouring. But overall, a very nice-looking kettle and a nice kettle to use.

Hario Bona Enamel Pouring Kettle 800mL

Camping-style enameled steel kettle

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Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Pouring Kettle - 1 Liter

360-degree cordless design

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Now moving on to our electrics, both of these kettles are variable temperature kettles. We have the Bonavita variable temp. This is the one-liter model. There's also a 1.7-liter model. Now, you'll notice it keeps some of the same design details as the stove top version. The spout design is slightly different. The handle is different, and obviously you have this electric base where we can set our brewing temperature. So, it has a temperature range from 140 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that you have quite a wide range of temperatures available to you. And it has PID control built-in so that temperature is going to be very precise.

It's pretty easy to use, you have an on/off switch, you have a temperature setting switch, plus some buttons to adjust your temperature as well as a hold button, and a Fahrenheit or Celsius button. Again, very easy to use, you just have to turn the kettle on, select your temperature, tell it to set, and you can hold it for up to an hour. Pouring with this kettle is very similar to the stovetop Bonavita. It just seems to have a little bit better control. Again, just slight differences in the spout can make a bit of difference there. With the spout, again, similar to the stovetop Bonavita, we find that precise control is a little bit lacking. Once you get to those like low-flow rates, it can dribble a little bit or your stream might kind of like spurt here and there. Overall, still a very fine kettle to have and people love it because of that variable temperature control.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Variable Temperature Pouring Kettle

Variable temperature control with 1 hour hold mode

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Finally, we have the Fellow Stagg EKG. Now this is a 900-milliliter kettle. It's actually more powerful than the Bonavita Variable Temp. The Bonavita has a 1000-watt heating element. The Stagg EKG actually has a 1200-watt heating element. Again, similar variable temperature control except here we have a much more simplified control scheme. We have a one-press button to turn the machine on and off. You can twist the dial left and right to set your temperature, and the brains inside the temperature control will basically take it over from there. We also have two switches on the back, one for setting Celsius and Fahrenheit, and one to set it into hold mode. Similarly, hold mode will hold your temperature for around an hour. Now the lid is slightly different on this model. With these variable temperature kettles, we don't really need to insert a thermometer at all, but the Stagg EKG lid is a little bit thicker and insulated so it really doesn't heat up that much, even if the kettle is on for a full hour. Similar to the stovetop Stagg, we have that counter-balanced ergonomic handle, so it's a really good handle to hold on to and really a pleasure to pour with.

We also have that angular spout. It has that sort of tapered flare at the end. So again, dribbling is less of an issue, and overall the flow-rate seems to be a little bit more limited than the stovetop Stagg, which seems to be okay. For a 900-milliliter kettle, we really haven't found any reason to complain about the overall flow rate provided to us. So there you have it. That's a quick look at the range of gooseneck pouring kettles that we have available at Prima. Really, something for everybody, whether you need something for the stovetop or something a little bit more robust like a variable temperature kettle. So really, we hope we've been able to show you something that you might want to bring to your own brewing repertoire here. Thanks for watching.

Apr 12th 2018 meredithlangley

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