Izzo Alex Duetto IV Plus Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Bridging the gap between consumer and commercial espresso machines has been the aim of Izzo’s Alex Duetto since the V1 was released several years ago. Features like a 2.6 liter combined boiler capacity, a built-in shot timer, an E61 grouphead, and PID temperature control raise the bar for home espresso machines and maintain the Duetto’s position as a quality standard for both home and light commercial use. Now in its fourth iteration, the Izzo Duetto IV Plus is better than ever. It combines classic features with new, convenient upgrades aimed to enhance both the user experience and serviceability. Most notably, the Duetto now includes a PID with an integrated shot timer, and an external adjustment for brew pump pressure. At heart, the Duetto IV Plus is a feature-filled commercial machine packed into a home machine’s body -- the espresso lover’s dream.

The Duetto IV Plus is small enough to fit into most kitchens, yet large enough to handle light order volume in a commercial setting. We often recommend the Duetto to small businesses or catering operations where coffee service is secondary. Utilize the Duetto’s 20 amp power option and you’ll be set to produce approximately 20 beverages per hour -- or about 1 every 3 minutes. A 32 oz drain tray and 2.4 liter water reservoir are sufficient for sustained use, but to avoid interruption the Duetto can also be direct plumbed (intake and drain) which negates the need to refill the reservoir and dump the drain tray. The Duetto also features a rotary/vane pump instead of a vibratory pump, which helps it run quietly. Rotary pumps reach full brew pressure almost immediately, and tend to be more dependable in the long run. Precision temperature control via the PID display on the front of the Duetto offers control in increments of 1 degree over both brew and steam temperatures. Customize your extraction and steam power to your desired parameters for commercial-quality results.

New in the Duetto IV Plus:

  • New PID with integrated shot timer
  • External pump adjustment in the bottom side panel
  • New steel parts - mushroom valves and gicleur
  • Relocated motor position to mount above the pump, resulting in a quieter performance
  • Heating element access for service without disassembling the machine
  • Drain plugs in both boilers
  • Group has been raised and the drip tray is slightly smaller for additional cup clearance
  • Magnets have been added to hold drip tray in place more securely

Highlighted Features

  • E61 Lever Action Grouphead: A commercial quality grouphead that helps greater ensure temperature stability.
  • New PID: Temperature control for both boilers plus integrated shot timer.
  • Dual Boilers: 1.8 Liter insulated copper steam boiler and .8 Liter group boiler.
  • Tank or Plumbed: Rotary pump and 2.4 Liter water tank with lever control to switch between direct-plumbed and reservoir which can be accessed by removing the cup tray on top.
  • All-Stainless Construction: Including double-walled outer frame, now with no gap around top rim.
  • No-Burn Wands: No-burn steam and hot water wands.
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labor.

Other Details:

  • Two pressure gauges, one for steam and one for the group
  • Two red lights to indicate power to group or steam boilers
  • 1200 Watt heater for Steam Boiler and 800 Watt heater for Group Boiler
  • New polished metal feet
  • Low Water Sensor
  • Vacuum Breaker Valve that diverts steam back to water tank
  • Over Pressure Valve sends water back to drip try if the pump pressure gets to high
  • 15 or 20 Amp operation (Standard is 20, while 15 can be programmed through PID and requires converter cord listed in options when adding to cart)

PID Functions

  • Digitally controls the temperature in both the Group Boiler as well as the Steam Boiler
  • Can change the machines operation mode between 15 and 20 amps
  • Can switch temperature display between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Can program the offset to ensure that the temperature selected is the temperature of the water exiting the group
  • Either boiler can be turned off (there is also a dedicate switch for the Steam Boiler on the side of the machine)

Included accessories:

  • Ergonomic 58 millimeter portafilters: one single and one double
  • Stainless steel blank disk for backflushing
  • Matching tamper with stainless steel base
  • 3 steam tip options
  • Drain kit


  • Large water capacity for multiple beverages and quick recovery time.
  • Option to choose between reservoir or direct plumbing
  • Precision temperature control, pre-infusion, and shot timers make dialing in a breeze
  • 16.5” height allows the machine to be placed under most cabinets


  • Large footprint for a home espresso machine, takes up quite a bit of space

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Manufacturer: Izzo
Model: Alex Duetto IV Plus
Machine Type: Semi-Auto
Boiler Type: Double Boiler
PID: Yes
Three Way Solenoid: Yes
Basket Size: 58 mm
Coffee Boiler: .8 L
Steam Boiler: 1.8 L
Water Reservoir: 2.4 L with option to directly plumb in
Electrical: 110 volts / 1200 and 800 Watts / 15 or 20 Amp
Dimensions: 14.25" W x 17.25" D x 16.5" H (with hand rails)
Weight: 72 lbs.
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Stainless Steel
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