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  • What's in the box

  • Rancilio Silvia Pro X Espresso Machine
  • Double-Spouted RS1-Style Portafilter
  • 58mm Flat, Wood-Handled Tamper
  • Single & Double Baskets
  • Hard-Bristle Group Cleaning Brush
  • Cleaning Tablets
  • Plastic Scoop
  • Rubber Backflush Disk
  • BWT In-Tank Water Softener
  • Two User Manuals
  • Instruction Manual & Startup Guide
View of Rancilio Silvia Pro X

A Classic Reimagined

With almost a century of coffee expertise, Rancilio is one of the most recognized names in the world of espresso. The Silvia and Silvia Pro models have been highly popularized by home enthusiasts everywhere. By taking feedback and requests from the home coffee community into consideration, Rancilio has released the latest upgrade to their Silvia line: the Silvia Pro X. On the surface, it may be difficult to spot the differences from previous offerings in the Silvia line, but the additions to Rancilio's new flagship espresso machine become much more prevalent once the coffee starts flowing.

Rancilio Silvia Pro X Espresso Shot

Experimental Espresso

As an answer to the exploratory nature of modern espresso, Rancilio has introduced a variable soft-infusion feature to the Silvia Pro X. This feature opens the group head just enough to allow water to begin saturating the coffee puck without introducing any pressure, essentially priming the espresso to be pulled with a reduced likelihood of channeling, leading to a better shot. After the soft-infusion ends, the machine introduces a gradual ramp to the set pressure, and the timing for the soft-infusion can be increased or decreased, allowing for more experimentation and control in the hands of the end user.

Steaming Milk on the Silvia Pro X

Technology Upgraded

Rancilio has integrated several other technological upgrades to the Silvia Pro X, making it more accurate and easier to use than its predecessors. One of these improvements is the inclusion of a gauge that enables the user to see the pressure at the coffee boiler rather than at the pump, giving a more accurate indication as to what is taking place during the extraction. A dual boiler is also present in the Silvia Pro X. This allows for the option to steam milk while the shot is pulling without a reduction in pressure. Given these new features, combined with its small footprint, the Rancilio Pro X will surely be a favorite for those who are new to espresso and seasoned baristas alike.


    Variable Soft-Infusion


    Coffee Boiler Pressure Gauge


    Commercial Quality Microfoam


    New Portafilter Design

More Features

Auto Shut Off & Wake Up Feature

Integrated Shot Timer

Mutli-Directional Steam Wand

Automatic Clean Cycle

Dual Boiler With Digital PID


Manufacturer: Rancilio
Model: Silvia Pro X
Grouphead: 58mm
Steam Boiler Capacity: 1 Liter
Brew Boiler Capacity: 0.3 Liter
Water Reservoir Capacity: 2 Liter
Electrical: 120 Volts
Dimensions: 9.8 in. (W) × 15.3 in. (H) × 16.5 in. (D)
Warranty: One-Year Parts & Service

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