Kinu M47 Simplicity Manual Coffee and Espresso Grinder

M47 Simplicity
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  • Kinu M47 Simplicity Manual Coffee and Espresso Grinder
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  • Kinu M47 Simplicity Manual Coffee and Espresso Grinder


  • For a limited time while supplies last, every Phoenix and Simplicty grinder will include a FREE Kinu aluminum catch cup! Simply add the grinder to cart and the accessory will be automatically included!
    • What's in the box

    • Kinu M47 Simplicity hand grinder
    • Crank arm
    • Travel Case
    • User manual
    kinu simplicity hand grinder

    A Slimmed Down Take On A Classic

    Closely following in the footsteps of Kinu's M47 Classic, the M47 Simplicity is packed with everything that made its predecessor such a recognizable name in the world of premium hand grinders. Its stainless steel body and internal construction, Black Fusion coated 47 mm conical burrs, repeatable and precise adjustment, and exacting manufacturing standards all come together in a package slightly slimmed down from the hefty M47 Classic without sacrificing the well-loved functionality of the original.

    kinu simplicity hand grinder

    Exquisitely Constructed At Every Turn

    The M47 Simplicity's build quality leaves little to be desired. It boasts rock-solid construction thanks to the stainless steel build, utilizing precisely machined steel struts for stability and auto-centering of the axle while grinding. The actual work of cranking the grinder is aided by two sets of ball bearings for an easy and fluid user experience free from burr wobble or rub. Using ABS plastic for its torque-reducing thumb stopper and crank handle just like the M47 Classic, the Simplicity also saves some weight and increases its capacity by using that same material for its bean funnel and grinds catch.

    kinu simplicity hand grinder

    Unparalleled Control Over Your Grind

    Between stepless grinders that don't provide you with an obvious zero-point and stepped grinders that restrict your ability to get the grind just right it can be tough to dial-in to a repeatable and ideal setting. Kinu succeeds in giving you that control with its precise stepless adjustment. With 50 marks per every revolution of the adjustment knob and an obviously noted zero point, you can make big adjustments with ease. And, with each mark on the knob corresponding to 0.01 mm of vertical burr movement, you can be sure to get your grind exactly where it needs to be for a beautiful espresso, V60, or batch brew. Kinu's 47 mm Black Fusion coated conical burr does especially well with turkish coffee, espresso, and fine drip grinding, while still doing well at coarser settings.

    • conical icon

      47 mm Black Fusion coated conical burrs

    • stepless icon

      Precise stepless grind adjustment

    • quality icon

      High-quality build and attention to detail

    • steel icon

      Materials: stainless steel, ABS plastic

    More Features

    35-40 g capacity

    Ball-bearing mounted axle for smooth grinding

    Thumb stopper for a comfortable grip

    5 year manufacturer warranty

    Made in Germany and Romania

    Kinu Grinder Comparison Chart

    Model: M47 Classic M47 Simplicity M47 Phoenix
    Dimensions: 8.25" (H) x 2.75" (D) x 7.8" (W)" 8.20" (H) x 2.75" (D) x 7.8" (W) 8.20" (H) x 2.75" (D) x 7.8" (W)
    Weight: 2.3 lb (1170g) 2.1 lb (965g) 1.6 lb (715g)
    Hopper Capacity: 40-50g 40-50g 40-50g
    Grinds Catch Capacity: 30-35g 35-40g 35-40g
    Burrs: Conical | Coated Steel | 47mm Conical | Coated Steel | 47mm Conical | Coated Steel | 47mm
    Micrometrical Grind Adjustment:
    Grip/Handle: Thumb Stopper Thumb Stopper Silicone Grip
    Beans Funnel: Stainless Steel ABS Plastic ABS Plastic
    Grinds Catch Cup: Stainless Steel ABS Plastic ABS Plastic

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