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View of knock Feldgrind with V60

A Classic Returns

Discontinued in 2018, and brought back by popular demand, the Feldgrind hand grinder by Knock showcases some highly noticeable differences from its previous iteration. On the outside, the most obvious difference is the longer crank arm for a quicker, more comfortable grinding experience. You'll also notice that the black, plastic pommel has been replaced by a beautiful, walnut design. However, Knock didn't just stop with a few cosmetic upgrades; changes made to the inside of the grinder are what really sets it apart from the original.

View of Adjustment Dial

From Fine to Coarse, Of Course

While the newer model of the Feldgrind features the same vintage watch-face adjustment dial as the previous version, larger bearings, an over-built shaft, and 38mm titanium nitride burrs all lend themselves to a smoother, faster, and more reliable manual grinding result. The outcome, as was clearly intended, is more uniformity in the particle size distribution and the ability to suit your needs for every brewing application. Whether you're making espresso on the go or brewing a French press in your kitchen, the Feldgrind delivers consistently enjoyable results.

Grinding With the Feldgrind

Simple, Portable, Reliable

Portability is often taken into consideration when purchasing hand grinders, but quality shouldn't be sacrificed just for expedition's sake; this is where the Feldgrind truly shines. Exceptional build and grind quality are coupled with a slim, lightweight profile and a removable handle for those who wish to take their grinder on the go. The stepless, numbered adjustment dial ensures that you always know which grind setting you've been using, and a small hole in the crank arm acts as a window, making that setting visible without removing the lid of the grinder. No longer will you have to settle for commodity coffee while traveling; the Knock Feldgrind brings the same, great coffee you've been brewing at home on the road.


    38mm Titanium-Coated Burrs


    Stepless Grind Adjustment


    Wide Range of Grind Sizes


    Slim Profile for Comfortable Grinding

More Features

Upgraded Build Quality

Suitable For Any Brewing Method


Fast & Comfortable Grinding


Manufacturer: Knock
Model: Feldgrind
Burr Type: 38mm Titanium-Coated Conical
Capcity: 35-40 g
Weight: 1.25 lb
Dimensions: 7.9" (H) x 2" (W)
Materials: Anodized Aluminum, Steel, Silicone, Wood

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