La Marzocco GS3 MP Mechanical Paddle Espresso Machine

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72.75 lbs
22 in
18 in
16 in


La Marzocco's GS3 is the standard for single-group espresso machines, comparing favorably to La Marzocco's commercial line. Even with its diminutive footprint – small enough for a kitchen counter – the GS3 has sufficient steam power and performance recovery for commercial applications, including restaurants, catering services, and professional offices. It's the ultimate home machine and, hands down, our top pick for those who need maximum power in a miniature package.


  • Manual flow control: controlled by mechanical paddle with updated conical valve
  • Dual steel boilers: 3.5 liters for steam, 1.5 liters for coffee
  • Optimized temperature stability: saturated groups, PID control, pre-heated brew water
  • Safe water components: "cool-touch" hot water tap and protected steam wand
  • Self-contained unit: internal volumetric pump and 3.5-liter water reservoir
  • Intuitive user interface: multifunction keypads and digital display

How to Plumb in a GS3 Espresso Machine:


For brewing, steaming, and maintenance tips, check out our Beginner's Guides:



Model: La Marzocco GS3 MP
Operation: Paddle / Semi Automatic
Boiler Type: Dual boilers
Coffee boiler capacity: 1.3 L
Steam boiler capacity: 3.5 L
Height: 25 in
Width: 16 in
Depth: 21 in
Weight: 72.75 lbs
Voltage: 110-120 V
Amps: 15 (20 full power)
Machine Element Wattage: 1600
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