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Baristas rejoice: it's now easier than ever to prep your shots uniformly and consistently thanks to the Dozer grooming tool by Mahlgut. The sloped base design and screw-style adjustment allow you to quickly groom your coffee bed before tamping, making for more even shots and less channeling.

Mahlgut's Dozer is a grooming and distribution tool for your espresso pipeline, which helps de-clump and redistribute the grounds in your 58 mm basket prior to tamping. Simply place the Dozer on top of your ground coffee, spin in a clockwise direction, then tamp. Using the Dozer, we've seen consistently better shots with more uniform and even extractions, as well as far less channeling. The Dozer is designed to be endlessly tweakable, within a range of about 8 mm to 20 mm of depth, using a screw-style system of locking adjustments. That means that you won't be stuck if you change your dose or grind size, as the Dozer can be quickly adjusted to keep up with your shot changes.

To use the Dozer, you'll first want to settle on your desired dose and grind for your coffee - just dial in as you normally would. Grind out a shot, tamp as normal, then loosen the adjustments on your Dozer and set the base depth so it does not disturb the surface of the tamped puck. The Dozer works best when it compacts the coffee puck as little as possible prior to tamping, so it can evenly distribute the upper layer of coffee and make an even surface for tamping. Once you have your desired setting, twist the two adjustment rings together to lock it in, and you're good to go! Remember to make adjustments as needed if you change the dose or grind size, to ensure more consistent shots.

What's in the box:

  • Mahlgut Dozer Distribution Tool


  • Easily groom and level the grounds in your basket
  • Encourages more even extractions and less channeling
  • Quick-adjust to set your depth
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel with aluminum adjustments (also available with steel or wooden adjustments)
  • 58 mm base size
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
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