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notNeutral Coffee Filters for the GINO Dripper

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Brew an even crisper, cleaner-tasting coffee with the new GINO filters by notNeutral. Designed to pair perfectly with the GINO dripper, these basket-style filters have steep sidewalls and a clamshell ribbing pattern for even, smooth draining without stalling. They're made of oxygen-bleached fiber to minimize paper flavors, and they even fit other flat-bottomed drippers like the Kalita Wave 185. These filters are thicker and a little more rigid than the Kalita 185 filters, so they remain sturdy even through pre-rinsing, and result in an even cleaner cup. While the paper taste is quite minimal with these filters, we recommend a quick pre-rinse before brewing to help warm your equipment and rinse away and paper dust.

  • 100 paper filters
  • Oxygen bleached wood pulp
  • Fits GINO dripper and Kalita Wave 185
  • Made in China
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