Orphan Espresso LIDO E-T Hand Grinder for Espresso

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If you need a well-made and reliable hand grinder that excels at espresso, you needn't consider anything but a LIDO. Orphan Espresso's LIDO grinders have a reputation for grind quality that's as stellar as their build quality, and the E-T packs fine-tuned adjustment for espresso into a travel-friendly package. The folding handle tucks in for easy packing into the included neoprene carrying case, and both a hex wrench and natural bristle brush fit neatly into stitched pockets. The metal body components are made of silver painted aluminum, with a 48 mm conical steel burr set and a fine threaded adjustment that's ideal for dialing in espresso. A 70 gram hopper and 100 gram catch jar offer plenty of capacity to grind for anything from single espresso doses to larger drip brews.

LIDO grinders feature superb construction, with dual bronze bearings to stabilize the grinding axle and cut out almost all the burr wobble. The key components are made of metal, with a plastic hopper and antistatic plastic grinds catch bin. A rubberized handle up top is easy and comfortable to grip, and the rubber hopper stopper keeps your beans from popcorning out while grinding. These are excellent grinders all in all, but there is a catch: grinding by hand is not for everyone, and even though the LIDO grinders are fast at about 1-3 gram per second, some will still prefer the ease of pushing a button on an electric grinder. So if you're into making your coffee by hand each step of the way, you're going to love a LIDO!

Please note -- The included Ball Driver is for use on the main shaft only. A 2.5mm Hex Key is required for all other screws!



What's in the box:

  • LIDO E-T hand grinder
  • Anti-static grinds bin
  • Neoprene carry case
  • Hex tool for grinder maintenance
  • Natural bristle brush for cleaning
  • Owners manual


  • 48mm Swiss-made conical steel burrs
  • Folding handle and hopper cap for easier transport
  • 70 gram hopper capacity
  • Dual bronze axle bearings
  • Micro stepless adjustment, ideal for espresso and great for drip
  • Anti-static grinds container
  • Made of cast aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, rubber, and BPA-free plastics
  • Includes maintenance tools
  • 1 year limited warranty
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