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Orphan Espresso LIDO 3 Hand Grinder

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Temporarily out of stock (Our next shipment of Lidos is expected to arrive in late 2016)
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With the hand grinder market exploding with newcomers, there are still a few steadfast models you know you can rely on. The Orphan Espresso LIDO is one such grinder, capable of full-range grind adjustment and built to last a lifetime. The LIDO 3 is the newest iteration, made of more lightweight materials and equipped with a carrying case and accessories so it's ready to hit the road when you do. The 48mm Swiss-made steel burrs also have a slightly more aggressive cut to them, meaning you can grind your coffee more quickly without losing quality.

The stepless grind adjustment uses dual threaded rings to select and lock in your desired grind. The grinding axle is actually stabilized both at the top of the hopper and just below the burr by bronze bearings, which cuts out burr wobble almost completely. The rubberized grinding handle can unlock and swivel inward for more compact packing. Up to 70 grams of beans can be stored in the hopper, and the anti-static grinds bin can hold about 100 grams of ground coffee. This is a true full-range grinder, capable of everything from Turkish to french press grinds, and our tests with espresso showed extremely favorable results. For the price, this hand grinder holds tremendous value, and we found it is comparable in performance to a Baratza Preciso. The trade-off is that the LIDO requires grinding by hand, but it makes for the perfect grinder to take along when traveling or to keep at the office, without needing to sacrifice grind quality.

What's in the box:

  • LIDO 3 hand grinder
  • Silicone rubber hopper lid
  • Neoprene carrying case
  • Hex tool for grinder maintenance
  • Natural bristle brush for cleaning
  • Owners manual


  • 48mm Swiss-made conical steel burrs
  • Fold-in handle with rubberized grip
  • 70 gram hopper capacity
  • Dual bronze axle bearings
  • Stepless adjustment with a full grind range
  • Anti-static grinds container
  • Made of aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, and BPA-free plastics
  • Comes with neoprene carrying case and maintenance tools
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