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Grinding with the LIDO Basic

A Decade in the Making

Orphan Espresso is by no means a new name in manual coffee grinders. Their LIDO models have been widely popular over the last decade in home brewing circles. However, with the LIDO Basic, Orphan Espresso looked at their grinders from the last ten years, took the best components, sprinkled in a few new ideas, and the LIDO Basic was the end result. A new, fixed handle includes and integrated funnel for easily loading beans into the full-size hopper, which can hold around 70 grams of coffee, and an external, stepless grind adjustment makes dialing in your coffee simpler than ever.

LIDO Basic Manual Coffee Grinder with Coffee

More Stability, More Uniformity

Orphan Espresso wanted to keep die-cast aluminum parts in use throughout the grinder, but, For the LIDO Basic, they opted for the addition of a roller bearing system at the top and bottom of the stainless steel axle housed inside the grinder’s clear hopper. This dual bearing system helps to increase stability of the 48mm, Swiss-made hardened steel burrs, ensuring a clean and uniform particle size when grinding. While the LIDO Basic can certainly be used for grinding espresso, it shines in the medium-fine and medium ranges, making it a phenomenal grinder for pour-overs like the Hario V60, the Kalita Wave, and the Chemex.

LIDO Basic Grind Adjustment Knob

An Improved Adjustment System

One of the most important aspects when designing the LIDO Basic was the ability to keep it as a stepless grinder to allow for more precise grind adjustments, according to Orphan Espresso. However, a more user-friendly experience was integrated into the LIDO Basic. Orphan Espresso added a knurled thumbscrew directly below the hopper which locks and unlocks the grind adjustment system. Simply loosen the knob, change your grind setting, and tighten the knob to keep your setting where you left it. This feature provides a more elegant solution to grind adjustment by not having to rely on clicks and limited changes allotted by your coffee grinder.


    48mm Etzinger Hardened Steel Burrs


    Micrometric Stepless External Grind Size Adjustment System


    One Step Disassembly for Simple Cleaning


    Suitable for Espresso & Filter Coffee Grinding

More Features

Large Capacity Hopper

Improved Axle Stability for Higher Consistency

Soft Grip Handle

Diecast Handle with Integrated Funnel

New Fixed Handle


Manufacturer: Orphan Espresso
Model: LIDO Basic
Burr Size: 48mm
Burr Material: Etzinger Hardened Steel
Hopper Capacity: 70g
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Height: 13 in
Diameter: 3 in

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