PuqPress Mini (Gen 5)

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  • Puqpress
  • T-wrench
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  • Power Cable
Puqpress Mini and portafilter on counter

Fully-automatic Tamper

The Puqpress Mini brings many of the great features and conveniences that are present in the Puqpress, but with a design perfect for home or a small cafe. It is only slightly smaller than the Q1 or Q2 model and is capable of tamping up to 2 kilograms of coffee per week. The easy to adjust lower clamp make it compatible with all types of portafilters — naked, single-spout, and double-spout — and should be paired with a VST basket. The piston is 58 mm making it the perfect size for nearly any small espresso machine whether it's your Linea Mini, Silvia Pro, or Lelit Bianca

Puqpress tamping

Consistent Tamps

Consistency can make or break your espresso game — even a slight difference in tamping can impact the flavor of the coffee. The Puqpress Mini produces consistent tamps every time ensuring each shot pulled is of the highest quality. It comes with 3 tamping options ready to meet any need — speedy, precise, and single. With the Puqpress, needing thousands of hours of practice to perfect the art of tamping is now a thing of the past because of its ability to give you a flat and leveled tamp 100% of the time — and with that comes a beautifully balanced extraction.

Hand adjusting pressure of Puqpress Mini

Adjustable Pressure

The Puqpress Mini gives any home barista the ability to customize the pressure of the tamp by providing a pressure option of 20-60lbs. Finding the perfect amount of pressure can take your shot from bitter and unevenly extracted to rich and perfectly balanced. Play, experiment, and perfect your coffee with a great tamp. Most importantly, with the Puqpress mini, there is no more wrist pain or sore tendons.

  • tamper icon

    Automatic Tamping

  • weight icon

    20-60lbs of pressure

  • variation icon

    Available in black and white

  • portafilter icon

    Compatible with all portafilter types

More Features

VST basket compatible

2 year or 75,000 tamp warranty

Can tamp 2 kg of coffee a week

Adjustable lower clamp

1.3 second cycle duration


>Depth:19.5 cm
Height:28.6 cm
Width:14.1 cm
Weight:3.4 kg
Input:110-240Vac 50-60Hz
Tamper diameter:58mm

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