UNIC Classic Volumetric Espresso Machine

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  • UNIC Classic Volumetric Espresso Machine (2 Group)
  • UNIC Classic Volumetric Espresso Machine (2 Group)
  • UNIC Classic Volumetric Espresso Machine (2 Group)
  • UNIC Classic Volumetric Espresso Machine (2 Group)
  • UNIC Classic Volumetric Espresso Machine (2 Group)


  • What's in the Box (2 group)

  • 2x double spouted portafilters
  • 1x 7g basket
  • 2x 14-16g baskets
  • 1x Backflush disk
  • 1x Stainless steel braided hose for water (⅜” BSP to ⅜” compression)
  • Drain line
UNIC Classic 57mm Tamper

Espresso, The UNIC Way

Handcrafted in France, UNIC espresso machines are engineered to deliver exceptional espresso and steamed milk with impressive reliability, focusing solely on what matters most. It's precisely this commitment to simplicity and performance that endears us to the UNIC Classic volumetric espresso machine. Whether for bustling cafes, upscale restaurants, artisanal bakeries, or nimble coffee carts, the UNIC Classic provides an accessible gateway to commercial espresso without the need to compromise, be it on the quality of your beverages or the durability of your equipment. The UNIC Classic exemplifies how you don't have to break the bank to land an espresso machine that stands the test of time, year after year.

UNIC Classic Volumetric Espresso Machine

Precise and Efficient

Inside the UNIC Classic volumetric espresso machine are flow meters that allow the user to program a precise output of water through each group head, allowing for simple one-touch operation to brew espresso and achieving highly consistent output shot after shot. The UNIC Classic’s control panel features 4 programmable doses per group, allowing up to 8 shot profiles plus 2 buttons for manual control. Heated group heads and a large boiler mounted directly behind the group heads allows the UNIC Classic to brew with sufficiently hot water to extract light roasted coffee, and with great consistency compared to many other Heat Exchange designs.

UNIC Classic Brewing Espresso

Versatile Power Options

If you only need the capacity for 50-100 drinks per day, consider the 1 group which runs on standard 110v power and 15 amps, allowing you to install the machine anywhere you can run a water connection. For busy cafes crafting 150-300 drinks per day, either the 2 or 3 group option is ideal, operating on 220v and a 4600W heating element to put out virtually endless milk drinks without a need to recover temperature and pressure.

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    4 Volumetric Programs Per Group

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    Stainless Steel Panels and Welded Framework

  • steam icon

    Dual Steam Wands

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    Automated Cleaning Cycles

More Features

Full Sized Rotary Vane Pump

Direct-To-Boiler Mounted Brew Group For Shot Temp. Stability

110v 1-Group Option Available

Compact Width

Hot Water Dispenser


Manufacturer: UNIC
Model: Classic Volumetric
Country of Origin: France
Dimensions: 13.5"W, 22.44"D, 20"H (1grp) | 25.2"W, 22.44"D, 20"H (2grp) | 33.93"W, 22.44"D, 20"H (3grp)
Weight: 93lbs (1grp) | 166lbs (2grp) | 218lbs (3grp)
Power: 110v, 1700W, 15 amps (1grp) | 220v, 4600W, 30 amps (2 grp) | 220v, 4600W, 30 amps (3grp)
Materials: Stainless Steel Body and Panels, Some plastic
Warnings: CA Prop 65 Warning
Boiler Capacity: 6.3L (1grp) | 10L (2grp) | 16L (3grp)
Daily Capacity: 50-100 Drinks (1grp) |100-200 Drinks (2grp) | 200-300 Drinks (3gr) (D)
Basket/Tamper Size: 57mm
Certifications UL, NSF4
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Warranty Information

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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