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Maintaining Your Coffee Gear

Scale, scum, rancid coffee residue: these are all enemies to making good coffee, and examples of why properly maintaining your gear is so important. Protect your investment and keep brewing up the deliciousness with our tips on maintaining your coffee equipment and keeping it at its best.

Product Maintenance | How To Backflush An Espresso Machine

Is your espresso less tasty than it once was? Has your machine been acting up? Regular espresso machine care is essential to maintaining a healthy machine and enjoying scrumptious shots. In the next 4 minutes, we'll bring you up to speed on backflushing, the most important procedure for keeping your gear happy.


Product Maintenance | How to Clean Your Burr Grinder

To keep your brews tasting their best, having a clean grinder is a must. Over time, grinders can develop a buildup of oil residue and leftover grounds, which can impact the flavor of your coffee. In this video, Steve demonstrates some quick and easy ways to keep your grinder at its cleanest, so you can be sure you’re getting the purest grinds possible.


Product Maintenance | Gasket Replacement

When it comes to giving your espresso machine a long and happy life on your bar, preventative maintenance is crucial. Regularly replacing worn out group head gaskets is an important part of that maintenance, since the gasket creates a tight seal for your portafilter. From identifying signs that your gasket needs to be replaced, to covering the tools that you’ll need to do the job, we walk through what you’ll want to know about caring for your gaskets, so you can keep the great shots coming for a long time.


Product Maintenance | How to Clean a Steam Wand

Keeping your steam system clean will ensure that your machine always performs well and your milk always tastes great. Fetch a steaming pitcher, a paperclip, water, and some milk wash, then hit play.


Product Maintenance | Commercial Espresso Machine Pre-Installation Guidelines

So, you found the espresso machine that’s right for your cafe, and you’re itching to start pulling shots. But before the technician comes to set it up, there’s a few things left to do. In this video, Matt walks through each preinstallation requirement for espresso machines, so your machine can be prepped and ready when the tech walks through the door.