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Maintaining Your Coffee Gear

Scale, scum, rancid coffee residue: these are all enemies to making good coffee, and examples of why properly maintaining your gear is so important. Protect your investment and keep brewing up the deliciousness with our tips on maintaining your coffee equipment and keeping it at its best.

Product Maintenance | How to Clean Your Burr Grinder

To keep your brews tasting their best, having a clean grinder is a must. Over time, grinders can develop a buildup of oil residue and leftover grounds, which can impact the flavor of your coffee. In this video, Steve demonstrates some quick and easy ways to keep your grinder at its cleanest, so you can be sure you’re getting the purest grinds possible.


Product Maintenance | Commercial Espresso Machine Pre-Installation Guidelines


Product Maintenance | How to Clean a Steam Wand

Keeping your steam system clean will ensure that your machine always performs well and your milk always tastes great. Fetch a steaming pitcher, a paperclip, water, and some milk wash, then hit play.