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Wondering how that spiffy new brewer works? Our product overview videos show you the ins and outs of all the gear we carry, even some cool items we've found at trade shows like SCAA. Take a look below!

Video Overview | Pullman Chisel Espresso Distribution Tool

The Pullman Chisel distribution tool is a quick, sure way to take your shots to new levels. Designed to foster more uniform extractions, the Chisel creates a level, even coffee bed that’ll help your shots stay tasty and consistent. It’s also adjustable, with a depth range of 7-14mm. To see the Chisel in action, watch along as Steve demonstrates this excellent distribution tool.


Video Overview | Knock Feldgrind Manual Coffee and Espresso Grinder

The Feldgrind by Knock is an excellent manual grinder that meets all of your brewing needs without the expense of an electric motor. Not only does it look and feel great, it features stepless adjustment so you can always get the grind you want, and ceramic-coated conical steel burrs for a long life of top-notch grinding. Compact and sturdy, the Feldgrind was made to travel with you, so you can have a freshly-ground, delicious brew no matter where you go.


Video Overview | Protonea Senger Espazzola Grouphead Cleaning Tool

Clean equipment is a must when it comes to espresso. That’s why Protonea Senger’s Espazzola grouphead cleaning tool is such a welcome innovation to baristas and home enthusiasts alike. Designed to lock in just like a portafilter, it provides a thorough, gentle clean all around the group head, getting the nooks and crannies that a shop towel just can’t reach. This user-friendly tool is an easy way to keep your groups and screens clean, so your shots can taste their best. Want to see the Espazzola in action? Watch along as Steve shares about this unique cleaning device, and demonstrates its cleaning capability.


Video Overview | Pullman Big Step Tamper

With its quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design, the Pullman Big Step tamper is a tool you’ll be glad to use daily. Made to fit securely in VST-style ridgeless baskets, the Big Step works to fully and evenly compact your puck, giving you less edge channeling and better extractions. It also features a uniquely tapered base, which reduces suction while removing the tamper, making fractured pucks a rarity. Want to see it in action? Watch along as Steve explores the ins and outs of the Big Step tamper, and puts it to use tamping for espresso.


Video Overview | Knock Feld2 Hand Grinder

The Feld2 Hand Grinder is the newest offering from Knock that takes the original Feldgrind to the next level. It features the same ceramic coated steel burrs as the previous iteration, a brand new unibody design, and a retooled stepless adjustment that makes it easy to use and simple to adjust. Whether you're grinding for tasty, clear shots or crisp and balanced pourovers, the Feld2's impressive grind range delivers. Learn more as Steve shares on grinding with the Knock Feld2.


Video Overview | Espresso Travel Kit and Ultimate Espresso Travel Kit

Make excellent espresso no matter where you are with Prima Coffee's Espresso Travel Kit. Created for on-the-go coffee connoisseurs, this travel kit delivers quality shots without bulky equipment, and requires no power source. Want to take it up a notch with milk-based espresso drinks? Prima's Ultimate Espresso Travel Kit gives you the gear you need for tasty espresso and freshly steamed milk. Watch along to discover more, as Steve walks through these carefully curated kits.


Video Overview | Hario Heat Resistant Coffee Decanter - 400 ml

When you go through the effort to make a good brew, you want to serve it in something which not only looks great, but will also keep your hard work hot.

Video Overview | Slayer Steam Two Group Commercial Espresso Machine

With the Steam, Slayer moved from its renowned emphasis on tuning espresso, and set its focus on excelling at milk and high-volume production. This innovative commercial machine is loaded with time-saving, product improving features to make the best drinks possible in the busiest of cafes. Plus, this gorgeous machine comes at a price that'll make you swoon. To see the Slayer in action, watch along as Steve overviews the Slayer Steam, and demonstrates the features that set it apart.


Video Overview | Knock Aergrind Hand Grinder

Knock's newest hand grinder is designed to deliver peak grinding performance in a travel-friendly size. It features 38 mm coated steel conical burrs and stepless adjustment, that makes espresso, drip, and even french press grinds accessible. Plus, this attractive hand grinder is created to fit perfectly inside the plunger of an Aeropress coffee maker, for a compact travel setup. To see it in action, watch along as Steve demonstrates the capabilities of the Aergrind by Knock.