Video Overview | Coffee Siphon and Vacuum Pot

Video Overview | Coffee Siphon and Vacuum Pot

Dec 9th 2014 Written by meredithlangley

The siphon is one of the most curious and complex brewing methods out there. So what's it all about? Its elegant design facilitates a truly theatrical process, like dinner and a show, but it's more than just fireworks. Full-immersion extraction, thermal stability, and efficient cake filtration make for a truly tasty cup of coffee that's worth the work. With an assortment of sizes, styles, and filter mediums, there's a siphon for anyone who's up for the effort.


The Siphon might be the most captivating of all brewing devices, but it's design is more than just eye candy. It's driven by a facinating function. As an immersion method, it offers even saturation, easy control and stable temperature. It sports a variety of filter options and calls on the efficient cake-filtration to serve up a truly unique cup of coffee.

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Hey, Chris here from Prima Coffee equipment. Today we are checking out the Siphon. The Siphon is a very unique manual brewing method that has so many different things about it.

For one, it is a full immersion method where there's only a small amount of those actually. The full immersion method means that all the coffee and all the water are in contact for all of the time. It's different than a pour over method, in that you're not slowly adding water to coffee and then separating. This is a full immersion which means it's all in contact at once, and it all filters at the very end not gradually throughout. So, that's one thing that makes it different.

Another thing that makes it different is a variety of different filter options, so the Siphon is actually most commonly used with cloth. Cloth is very uncommon. You're not going to see it for a lot of pour overs or anything like that, but the siphon is most commonly used for cloth. Besides that, you can actually use a metal filter, which is what I'm using right now, or you can use cloth filters, so there's a lot of versatility with the Siphon, each of those different filtration mediums will give you actually a different cup in the end.

Also unique because it's a very great show. It makes great coffee but additionally it's just very theatrical. It's very dramatic, it offers a real experience for anybody who's brewing with it or anybody who is just watching and enjoying the coffee from it.

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The Siphon usually is going to take take about one and a half to maybe two to three minutes to brew. It is a manual method meaning it's very involved. It's actually probably more involved than a lot of manual methods. You are supplying the heat source and you have to do some pretty thorough cleaning with the Siphon. That makes it a little bit more involved than some other methods.

When we're using the cloth filter, it's going to be important keep that filter stored in water all the time. You can see how some extra labor's required if you're going to be handling cloth filters. Paper and metal, they're different, they're a lot easier to work with. Overall, the Siphon is a bit more involved. It's going to take just a couple of minutes to prepare, a couple of minutes to brew.

Then once you're done with it, you actually get to use half of the apparatus as a server. You separate that top chamber there. You have this bottom chamber here to serve. So it makes the the Siphon really great for table service. It's an inner end shell, almost, and you have a server built right into it. It's really good for shops that want to be able to demonstrate the care and the attention that goes into making coffee.

So if you're working in shop and you like manual methods already, the Siphon might be really great for the extra presentation, as well as just a great cup that it produces too. It's also fantastic for home users. They are relatively affordable. They take some extra work to be sure, but you can make large batches, over half a liter with this one, or you can use smaller batches too. It's okay for small groups or just individuals in your cafes or homes.

The cup, depending on the filter you're using is usually very full bodied. It's a result of the full immersion method. You really are getting a lot out of that coffee. It's flavorful, it's intense, especially if you're using a metal or cloth filter, you're going to get a lot more oils passed through. The cloth is going to retain a lot of the sediment so it's actually going to be a cleaner cup. The metal is going to let some of that sediment through. So you can see how each of these filtration mediums changes the cup in the end. But each of them will lead to a really fantastic cup.

It's really unique, it makes the Siphon and really stand out in a home or a cafe. We think you'll love it, so give it a try and enjoy.

Dec 9th 2014 meredithlangley

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