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The humble cloth filter is one of the more under-appreciated items in the coffee world. Richer in body than paper filters, but free of the sludge of a metal filter, cloth finds a happy medium of body and clarity. Coffee socks are organic coffee filters are a celebration of cloth and so easy to use and re-use, you may just forget why you ever brewed with anything else.

CoffeeSock Cloth Filter for Hario V60

Fits Hario V60 size 02 cones

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Hey. Steve from Prima Coffee here and today we're talking about the Coffee Sock cloth filters. Now, we have these both for Chemex, six, eight, and ten cups, as well as V60 size 02, but the V60 ones will actually fit a 01 filter. You'll just have a little bit more overhang on top. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with cloth filters, the coffee that you get is essentially somewhere between French press and paper.

If you're using a Chemex filter, you're used to that. It's a very light bodied brew, not a lot of oil, very crisp and clean kind of flavors. This is going to add more body to your brew, but you're not going to have the same sediment that you might get in a French press or another metal mesh filter. So they're a great sort of in between that kind of gets overlooked in the coffee world. You don't see a lot of cloth filters. These are perfect because they're re-usable, they're something a little bit different. These are made from organic cotton. They're a two-ply filter so that means that there's two layers of fabric on every side here. And they're made right here in the USA.

CoffeeSock Cloth Filter for Chemex 6, 8, and 10 Cup

Fits 6, 8, and 10 cup Chemex sizes

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So the brewing approach isn't all that different from normal filters like paper or what have you. You might need to grind a little bit coarser or a little bit finer, depending... You might need to grind a little bit coarser for the V60 but a little bit finer on the Chemex just because they flow through a little bit different than the traditional paper filters do. Apart from that, your brewing going to be pretty much the same.

Now, when you're done with it because it's re-usable you're not going to throw it away like you would a paper filter. Instead, you can just dump out your grounds, give it a good rinse in the sink, you might want to take like a small brush or something to wipe out the grounds and get them nice and clean. And then after that you can just let it dry, or some people like to actually leave these to soak in a small container of water in their refrigerator.

Over time, you'll see a little bit of coffee oil building up. If you're diligent about rinsing right after you brew, it won't build up very quickly. But over time you will see a little bit of staining. And in that case we actually suggest soaking in something like Cafiza or JoGlo. Some type of coffee cleaning detergent. Just give it a 20 to 30 minute soak in detergent and hot water, rub it around a little bit, give it a rinse, and let it dry. You'll have a nice bright clean filter again.

So these come in two filters per pack. They're pretty cheap. They're a really good alternative to paper. And that is the cloth filter by Coffee Sock. Thanks for watching.

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