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Any given city - take your pick - has dozens, if not hundreds of places to get coffee. Going out for espresso is easy and inexpensive, but some people prefer to do it themselves. They're looking for a cafe experience at home. They're looking for the Alex Duetto 3. This, the newest from Izzo, is as fully packed as home espresso machines come. It's E61 group head is backed by precise temperature control and two large boilers, making the Duetto the standard for prosumer espresso equipment.

Izzo Alex Duetto 3 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

The Duetto 3 combines PID (digitally controlled temp stability), dual boilers, and the ability to plumb in or use the water reservoir.

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Hey, Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment, and today we're checking out one of the top of the line home espresso machines. Let's take a look. This is the Alex Duetto 3 from Izzo. This is the upgraded model of the Alex Duetto 2, which has been around for several years and has been one of the most popular home machines for quite a while, and this is the upgrade.

Let's go through first a few of the things that make it different from the other machine. We have some new styling on the panels. They're assembled a bit differently and they have a curved shape to them. The drip tray is also redesigned, making it a lot easier to remove and put back on. The expansion valve drip is a little out of the way, unlike the last machine.

What else do we have? We have some recessed lights here that show the activity of the coffee and steam boilers, instead of being large and sticking out, they're a bit smaller and a little more discreet. Different color on the PID display, and also a redesigned warming tray at the top. A lot easier to get off here. Easier access to the reservoir. And also a lot more ventilation, so you're able to warm more efficiently.

Let's talk about some of the specs that make this what it is; one of the top home espresso machines. We'll start on the outside. We have cool-touch steaming and hot water wands, and we have a really big drip tray that holds about a liter of water. It can also be plumbed directly if you want to save time and not have to empty, and such.

We have an E61 group head, it's a semi-automatic machine, and brewing is engaged by this lever here. When the machine is plumbed in, you actually have pre-infusion option right about halfway, and then you can kick it on for a full pressure. It's not plumbed in right now, so this machine can be plumbed directly or it can go off of a water reservoir. The reservoir holds over two liters, and it's just under the warming tray here, as you saw.

We also have temperature control, so the PID display right here controls both the coffee boiler temperature and the steam. If we look at this light right here, it flashes between them. First, we're going to see coffee when this little dot is on the left side. We're at 196 right now; it's adjustable. It'll switch to steam when this dot is on the right side, and that just refers to the actual configuration of those boilers on the inside. Coffee on the right, steam boiler on the left.

Let's talk about the inside a little bit. So we have two, like I said, two big boilers, the coffee boiler is 0.8 liters and the steam boiler is 1.8. So pretty good size boilers for a home machine, and it's amazing to have them separate. We have a rotary pump inside, which makes it really quiet. You can see it's not all that loud at all when we're brewing, which is fantastic.

What else do we have? A temperature control, like I said. It can be plumbed directly or not, and it makes a nice cup of coffee. So let's go ahead and make some espresso with this, and see how it goes. We're preparing up with the Mazzer Mini here. I've dosed about 21 grams of coffee here. [silence] Now we're going to shoot for about 30 grams out. [inaudible] Hopefully, we're going to get that in about, I'll say maybe 30 seconds in total. Like I said, there is a pre-infusion option that when the machine is plumbed in. It's not right now, because we don't have the pre-infusion, but if you're able to plumb this in you can reinfuse and get some different results that way. [inaudible] We're at just about 30 grams. Nice.

The machine is really awesome for serious home espresso enthusiasts. It's going to perform really similarly to a commercial machine that you might find. It's also actually going to be pretty suitable for commercial applications. So if you have a really, really small cafe, something that's just does espresso every once in a while or if you have a small catering rig, it's going to do great for those too.

It makes great espresso that's really consistent with the results you might find in a coffee shop, and it's a dream come true for a home user. Thanks.

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