Video Overview | notNeutral GINO Dripper and Server

Video Overview | notNeutral GINO Dripper and Server

Apr 22nd 2018 Written by meredithlangley

notNeutral is a brand who loves to combine brewing and style in the best of ways. Their pour over dripper (which is akin to the Kalita Wave)and server is an elegant choice for those who like their coffee made and presented in a sleek, sophisticated manner.



notNeutral - GINO Glass Coffee Dripper

Stays cool to the touch even during brewing

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notNeutral - GINO Glass Coffee Server

Insulated to keep your coffee warm for hours

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NotNeutral's design focus coffee products are quickly becoming barista favorites across the U.S. The Gino Dripper and the new Gino Decanter mesh great design with great coffee brewing. Featuring double wall insulation, this is a pair that'll make a stylish addition to any coffee lover’s collection.

Hey, there. Steve with Prima Coffee here today we're taking a look at notNeutral's Gino Dripper and Server. Now both of these are made out of dual wall or silicate glass and they both basically are constructed so they have an insulating layer of air around either your brewing or your storage of hot coffee. So the Gino Dripper itself is much like a Kalita Wave it actually takes Kalita 185 filters. It's the same design with the truncated cone, the wave filters and it actually has the same three holes at the bottom of the brewer here. Now this silicone foot means that the dripper itself is not vacuum sealed but it is still insulated because the silicone creates a full seal around the bottom of the chamber and keeps an insulating cushion of air around the brew while you're working with it. What that also means is that the entire dripper stays cool to the touch so if I fill this up with hot coffee I can grab it and hold on to it.

I'm not going to burn myself. Now you can brew right around 30 to 40 grams of coffee in the dripper. It's got a maximum output of about a liter if you're really, really pushing it but we recommend sticking to probably 500 to 750 milliliters. The server itself holds about 20 ounces full and with the silicone lid in place it'll keep your coffee warm for probably about two, three hours maybe a little bit more if you're lucky. Now both of these are dishwasher safe. We just recommend that you put them on the upper level of your dishwasher in the top rack and with the dripper just make sure that you take the silicone foot off so it gets nice and clean on the inside as well and it can fully dry out but apart from that it's a really easy brewer to master.

You can pick it up really quickly. It's not super depending on technique like a V60 might be. If you want to just pour real slowly over your grinds and take three minutes to finish your brew you can do that and you'll get a pretty good cup of coffee but it also affords you the possibility of kind of dialing in your brews and you're working on your pouring technique, working on your grind, working on your brewing ratio and you can get a little bit more control over the output while not being super dependent on having an exact sort of pour that other brewers might require. So that's it super simple the notNeutral Gino Dripper and Decanter. Thanks a lot for watching.

Apr 22nd 2018 meredithlangley

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