Video Overview | notNeutral GINO Glass Coffee Dripper and Server

Video Overview | notNeutral GINO Glass Coffee Dripper and Server

Sep 3rd 2018 Written by meredithlangley

The GINO glass dripper and server are perfect examples of how notNeutral excels at elegance in design. Both pieces work beautifully as a pair or as individuals, and add a presence of sophistication wherever they're used. Featuring double-walled glass, the dripper and the server remain cool to the touch during even the hottest brews. Learn more as Julie Smith-Clementi of notNeutral explains the design behind the GINO dripper and server.


My name is Julie Smith-Clementi. I'm the President and CEO of notNeutral. You asked about the GINO Dripper, which was designed to go with our LINO mug, which has a very strong, iconic handle. The idea of having the dripper work with the cup was really important from a design perspective. And the idea of adding another handle onto the dripper, on top of the mug just seemed a little bit much. So we decided, how could we make one that we could actually just hold, and get rid of the whole handle.

So this is a double-walled glass, which means it's insulated. And then the gasket helps to prevent steam from getting up there. It keeps it really nice and cool. So then that sits on top like that. We're introducing the server, which works with that as well. So, you can brew two cups of coffee in here. And there's a lid for this piece, like a table service type. Like, take that away. And they both come boxed and packaged.

notNeutral GINO Glass Coffee Dripper

Stays cool to the touch even during brewing

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notNeutral GINO Glass Coffee Server

Insulated to keep your coffee warm for hours

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Sep 3rd 2018 meredithlangley

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