Coffee Fest 2013: Chicagoland or Bust

Coffee Fest 2013: Chicagoland or Bust

May 29th 2013 Written by Chris Elliott

Coffee Fest is back in Chicago — are you ready? This is one of the most fun weekends in the coffee world and we hope that you'll come play. See us at booth 304.

On the docket...

Prima Tamp test station at Coffee Fest 2013 in Chicago

Prima Tamp test station

Baratza Forte Brew Grinder
It's back! If you missed us in Boston and you haven't yet tried the Prima Tamp, now's your chance. Our booth, number 304, will be outfitted with everything you need to grind, dose, tamp, and brew to your heart's content. We're confident that the Prima Tamp makes a real difference in the way that you prepare espresso — now come see for yourself.

Harder, better, faster, cheaper

Our favorite tamper has some new friends. The Prima Tamp is still the same sleek barista tool, but we've expanded the available options and slimmed the price. Welcome the new Prima Tamps next week at booth 304.

Forte fan club

Giordano's famous Chicago pizza
You won't want to miss this celebrity appearance. Baratza's Forte Brew Grinder, voted the best new commercial product at the SCAA Event, will be making itself cozy at our booth all weekend. Paired with the Prima Stand and our favorite pour over drippers, the Forte will be part of a fully equipped brewing station for you to use and enjoy.

Pizza with Prima

Chicago Frisbee Fest 2013

More than anything else, we love events like Coffee Fest and SCAA because of the special chance to see old friends and make new ones. With this fun contest, we'll be taking a few folks out to Chicago's famous Giordano's Pizza. Enter now.

Frisbee Fest

What do you love besides coffee? Frisbee is on our list. Join us next Saturday morning as we warm up for the show with a few games of ultimate, fueled by Caffe Streets' coffee. Learn more.

Kentucky pride brew bar

If we're sure about anything, it's this: next weekend, the coffee is going to flow. The brew bar at booth 304 will be pumped with Kentucky pride, as we show off coffees from three of our favorite Louisville roasters: Argo Sons, Quills, and Sunergos. When you feel that pleasant buzz, thank The Bluegrass State.


Shop owners, if you want to sell brewing equipment to your customers at the same place where they buy their beans and beverages, we're your guys. Through our wholesale program, we'll help you set up a profitable retail space in your cafe. Talk to Ryan, our new wholesale account manager, and he'll show you our extensive offerings and tell you how to join.

Come for the coffee. Come for the toys. Come for the frisbee. Or come for the pizza. Come, and we'll show you a good time.

May 29th 2013 Chris Elliott

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