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4th of July Filter Sale - Brewed in the USA

fireworks for 4th of july sale at prima coffee

Image used with permission by eMarie Photography

We're mighty proud of these United States.

From the start, Americans have been inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs. And to this day they glory in what they make and do. In anticipation of Independence Day, we're saluting a few of those products that are made in the USA by making them more accessible to you — with a discount!

French Press Face-off: A First Look at the Espro Press

Picture of Espro Press and traditional French Press

Were the Espro Press just an ordinary press pot, it’s arrival in our office wouldn’t have been accompanied by anything special. You see, we’re no strangers to French-pressed coffee.

DISK Fine Recipe Winner

disk fine going into full production

DISK Fine Recipes

Thanks for everyone who participated in the Disk Fine recipe submission! There were lots of great recipes which made choosing between them an extremely difficult task for us!

Manual Brewing: On the Rise or On Its Way Out? Barista Magazine Takes a Look.

Manual brewing equipment

In the automated age, convenience and complexity reign as kings. Simple human tasks are readily handed over to advanced machines that carry them out with eerie precision. Robots replace factory laborers, guitar strings are tuned at the press of a button, and Will Smith doesn’t even drive his own car around (or was that just in the movies?). Yet even as technology takes over, the do-it-yourself movement explodes and artisans emerge in nearly every industry. Twenty-first century baristas and homebrewers must ask, “In which of these directions is coffee headed?”

DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline

able diskfine going into production

Able Brewing Announces The DISK Fine Production

In case you haven't heard yet, due to the overwhelmingly positive response the DISK Fine is officially going to be produced by Able Brewing Equipment.

Latte Art Competition Series Continues in Colorado

TNT Colorado Event

Calling all Coloradan coffee makers...

Colorado’s latte art competition series continues this week with a Thursday Night Throwdown at The Brewing Market in Lafayette. With only a $5 buy-in, any barista with the prowess to pick up a pitcher can let off some steam and go head to head with the best in the Denver area. Keep it simple with the sharpest rosetta, or dare to pour Andy Warhol’s “Eight Elvises” – your call.

Able DISK Fine Reviews & Recipes

disk fine reviews and recipes at prima coffee equipment

UPDATE: Able has announced that the DISK Fine will be going into production, details here: DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline

New Product: American Coffee Trader's Cloth Filters

American Coffee Trader filters

We were heartbroken when we heard that Hario was stopping production of their cloth filters for the Hario V60. We’d fallen in love with the level of cleanness cloth filters produced in the cup. Our palate-driven hearts have, however, now been mended with the discovery of American Coffee Trader’s organic cotton filters. Besides the fact that it buries the issue of pre-wetting your paper filters in an attempt to rid your coffee of that dreaded papery taste, these filters are made from organically grown cotton and American through and through. The cotton that goes into producing these filters is organically grown in Texas, woven in South Carolina, and sewn together with care in Boston, MA.

Enter For a Chance to Receive & Test a Free Pre-Release Able Disk Fine Filter!

Want to win one of the new 100 free Able Fine Discs? Keep Reading!

Able Disk Standard and Able Disk Fine Side by Side

Not surprisingly, Able Brewing is at it again. Able has built a reputation as a company committed to innovation, quality, and better brewing. In its relatively short history, Able Brewing has designed two highly praised brewing filters, the Kone and the Disk. The current Disk will remain unchanged and will be the standard option for Aeropress users. But Able listened to its customers and the consensus can be summed by one request: an even finer metal filter. Introducing the Disk - Fine!

Baratza Encore Review: Is a $129 Espresso Grinder Possible?

It's quite the claim, but we say "yes!" In this review, we investigate Baratza's promise and see if an espresso grinder can actually be bought for this astounding price.

baratza encore maestro plus espresso grounds

Northeast Regional Aeropress Championship!

The Northeast Regional Aeropress Championship is upon us!

A shout out to all you Aeropress aficionados out there! The Northeast Regional Aeropress Championship is upon us!

Click through below for the details.

Prima Coffee Equipment is Hiring

prima coffee equipment position

Indeed, the rumors are true, we are hiring. If you have barista experience or some serious self-taught coffee and espresso brewing knowledge, we'd love to have you.

Baratza Encore Grinder Announced: Maestro Series Rides Off Into the Sunset

Baratza has announced the release of their newest entry-level home coffee grinder. The Baratza Encore (more on this in a bit) has taken the Maestro Plus’s spot as the baddest entry-level home grinder on the planet. This announcement is bittersweet for me, as this means saying goodbye to the Maestro name. I (Matt) have been the proud owner of a Baratza Maestro for almost two and a half years now. It has been the best coffee investment I’ve made (or rather my wife made on my behalf when she gave it to me as a Christmas present). It has been the perfect home coffee grinder for the ridiculous variety of manual brewing devices I own. For someone who didn’t need a grinder for espresso, the Maestro has been perfect.

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

Video: How We Make the Cavendish Series Briar Tampers

Prima Tamper Cavendish

We thought it would be fun to show you a little of what goes into making one of our Cavendish Series Briar Tampers. The specific tamper in this video is the Calabash Royal Smooth Tamper. Enjoy!

Morning Coffee Brewing Routine Video on the Hario V60

Hario V60

I decided to film a quick video of my morning brewing routine the other day and wanted to post it up here along with a few notes. Every morning I brew coffee for both my wife and myself. I'll switch up the brewing method, but my go-to is the Hario V60. My batches run between 500-600mL (17-20ozs). Before the video started, I had already weighed out 35 grams of coffee and pre-rinsed my filter.

Baristas Celebrate Valentines Day with Latte Heart Art

Baristas Celebrate Valentines Day with Latte Heart Art

Happy Valentine's Day baristas! To celebrate Valentine's Day, we asked baristas from all over to send us pictures of their Latte Art hearts. Enjoy the gallery of the pours we were sent below and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Free Bonavita Brewer & Google+ Hangout

enter to win a bonavita brewer

For anyone who likes free stuff...

No catch involved. We love to give away great coffee equipment and are excited about giving someone the new Stainless Bonavita Auto Brewer (normally sold for $149). For more info on the brewer, check out the product listing or the blog post Lee wrote on adjusting the temperature.

Cafe Snapshots: Los Angeles

Los Angeles coffee shops on a map

I (Matt) was fortunate enough to visit family in sunny California this past week and took the opportunity to visit some cafes in the L.A. area. I was fairly unaware of the coffee scene around L.A. before visiting, but came away impressed with a well developed coffee culture. Unfortunately, I coudn't make it around to all the shops I wanted to visit (see the list at the end of the post), but I did make it to four shops: Caffe Luxxe (Santa Monica), Paper or Plastik (L.A.), Intelligentsia (Venice), and Element Coffee (Camarillo). Highlights from these shops were: sensory station at Caffe Luxxe that allowed you to smell the grounds of the three coffees they were offering via pour-over, the option of six different single origin coffees to choose from at Element Cafe, having multiple roasters to choose from at Paper or Plastic, and being served up a tasty capp at one of my all-time favorite coffee bars, Intelligentsia Venice.

Experimenting with Bonavita Brewing Temperatures

Bonavita auto brewer filter

Not Just Your Average Auto Brewer

I think we've made it obvious that we really love the Bonavita coffee maker. The Bonavita has proven itself to be temperature stable, producing a consistently quality cup of coffee, time after time, with lots of ease.

Win a Free Yama 5 Cup Siphon Brewer

Yama 5 Cup Siphon Coffee Brewer From Prima Coffee

"Like" Our Prima Coffee Equipment Facebook Page For a Chance to Win a Siphon Brewer!

UPDATE: This contest has officially ended.

Yama 5 Cup Siphon Coffee Brewer From Prima Coffee

Once we reach 300 Facebook fans, we will be giving away a free 5 Cup Yama Siphon Vac Pot Brewer to one of those fans.


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