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  • Fellow Carter 360 Mug (White, 12 oz)
  • Fellow Carter 360 Mug (Black, 16 oz)
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  • Fellow Carter 360 Mug
  • Fellow 360° Sip Lid & Magnetic Splash Umbrella
Fellow Carter Move Mug with 360° Lid

For Those On-The-Go

With the Carter 360 Mug, the minds at Fellow sought to make a more convenient travel mug for your coffee that was more reminiscent of a wine glass than a traditional coffee vessel. The Carter's unique shape and tapered lip mimics a Cabernet glass to deliver the aromas and flavors of your coffee directly to your tastebuds. By integrating the 360° Sip Lid, Fellow has made the Carter even more useful during your commute. Lid removal is a thing of the past as this new lid allows you to drink your coffee from any position.

Steaming Coffee in the Fellow Carter Move Mug

Temperature Retention

The Fellow Carter 360 Mug became popular due to its slim profile and its unique shape that accommodated nearly any cupholder. Unlike many travel mugs, the Carter keeps your coffee free of metallic tastes thanks to a ceramic coating that does not hold on to odors or oils from your previous brews. The Carter also boasts a double-walled, insulated interior. This 304 18/8 stainless steel interior will keep your coffee hot for up to twelve hours, and your cold beverages cold for up to twenty-four hours.

Pouring Coffee into the Fellow Carter Move Mug

One-Handed Accessibility

The integration of the 360° Sip Lid now makes the Carter an even more convenient travel mug. This lid does not require any awkward adjustments, nor does it need to be removed for you to enjoy your coffee. Small holes around the perimeter of the lid allow you to drink confidently from any angle while a magnetic splash umbrella and a tall lip keep your coffee from spilling during sudden stops or emphatic hand gesturing. The splash umbrella is easily removed for cleaning, ensuring that you'll be able to enjoy the aromas and flavors from each new brew exactly as it was intended.


    Perfect for Travel


    Maintains Beverage Temperature


    Available in Two Sizes & Colors


    Easy to Clean

More Features

Available in 12 & 16 oz Sizes

Retains Heat for 12 Hours & Cold for 24 Hours

Compatible with Standard Drippers

Features a Splash-Proof, Open Lid

Allows for 360° Drinkability


Manufacturer: Fellow Products
Model: Carter Move Mug w/360° Sip Lid
Colors: Matte Black & Matte White
Outer Diameter: 77mm
Mouth Diameter: 62mm
Capacity: 12 oz | 16 oz
Materials: 18/8 Stainless Steel, Ceramic Coating, Silicone Gasket, BPA Free Plastic

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