Hario RCR-50 Manual Coffee Roaster

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Ever had the urge to try your hand at the age-old art of coffee roasting? With Hario's Retro Coffee Roaster, you can roast just like they used to do at home at the turn of the last century, with a small rotating drum and an open flame. The included alcohol lamp will heat your green coffee and roast it as you turn the drum, allowing you to roast, grind, and brew your very own beans at home. Roasting drum works best with about 50 grams of green coffee. Made of heat-resistant glass and stainless steel. Alcohol fuel sold separately.



  • Roast your very own coffee at home
  • Made of heat-resistant glass and stainless steel
  • Includes alcohol lamp heat source
  • Drum capacity is about 50 grams of green coffee
  • Made in Japan
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    2/10/2018 12:00:00 AM

    4 / 5 stars

    Old School Roaster

    I was first reluctant to purchase a manual roaster for the price listed but after using for about a month, I have been enjoying the experience of roasting my own coffee beans. This roaster is quite limited on the amount of coffee beans you can roast in the hopper. So if you are brewing coffee for a family or for regular daily use you may want to invest in a larger roasting machine. But this roaster fits me perfectly because I only drink fresh coffee during weekends when I have the time to roast my own coffee beans. Maintaining the roaster can be a chore since you have to disassemble the roaster to reach the hard to clean places to make it look nice. The roaster itself looks well built and their individual parts are well designed so its made to last a long time. The fragile part I handle with care is the glass cylinder that holds the beans inside. I am afraid I might drop it or crack it so I carefully wipe it when cleaning. The roaster is aesthetically pleasing look to it and looks nice on a kitchen shelf. So overall if you enjoy the taste of fresh coffee beans and don't mind the slow process of roasting your own, this is for you.

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