Kinu M47 Traveler Manual Coffee and Espresso Grinder

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Brew amazing coffee anywhere with the Kinu M47 Traveler. Featuring the same 47 mm coated steel burrs as its bigger sibling, the Traveler's lower weight and smaller stature make it even easier to pack into a bag for a weekend away.


2 lbs
4.5 in
4.5 in
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Great news: Kinu quality can now be found in a lighter and more compact package! The M47 Traveler features the very same 47 mm conical steel burrs as the original M47, but Kinu has trimmed down the size and weight to make it all the more travel-friendly. While the grinding mechanism, including the crossbars, bearings, shaft, and handle, are all steel, the body is now made of aluminum, and the catch cup and various other trim parts are made of ABS plastic. This means the M47 Traveler weighs about a full pound less than the original M47, as well as being more compact. The hopper capacity is reduced, but still holds about 25-30 grams of whole beans, with a catch cup capacity of 30+ grams for ground coffee.

Grind adjustment is also the same as the original: the adjustment wheel features 50 micro-steps which each correspond to 0.01 mm of burr travel. Grind quality is also equivalent in our experience, with espresso and fine drip settings (2-5 full rotations of the adjustment wheel) shining with great flavor clarity, while coarser settings can experience slightly more fines that muddy the flavor. At any end of the grind range the flavor quality in the cup is still quite good, making the Traveler an excellent companion to pack for a road trip.


What's in the box:

  • Kinu M47 Traveler Hand Grinder
  • User manual


  • Compact and lightweight with sturdy steel where it counts
  • 25-30 gram capacity
  • 47 mm conical steel burrs with Black Fusion treatment (31.6 mm inner cone burr, 47 mm outer ring burr)
  • Micro-stepped grind adjustment, 50 clicks per revolution
  • Steel ball bearing mounts for smooth turning
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Weight: 598 g (1.3 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 2.5" D x 6.7" H, 6.5" W with handle attached
  • Materials: aluminum and ABS plastic body, stainless steel grinding mechanism and handle, ABS plastic catch cup
  • Made in Germany


Manufacturer: Kinu
Model: M47 Traveler
Dimensions 6.7 in. (H) x 2.5 in (D) x 6.5 in. (W) (with handle)
Weight 1.3 lb
Capacity: 25-30 grams (hopper)
Capacity: 30-40 grams (catch cup)
Burrs: Conical steel, coated. 31.6 mm (inner cone), 47 mm (outer ring)
M47 Traveler User Manual
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