USED - EXCELLENT | Orphan Espresso Fixie Hand Grinder

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  • USED - EXCELLENT | Orphan Espresso Fixie Hand Grinder
  • USED - EXCELLENT | Orphan Espresso Fixie Hand Grinder
  • USED - EXCELLENT | Orphan Espresso Fixie Hand Grinder
  • USED - EXCELLENT | Orphan Espresso Fixie Hand Grinder
  • USED - EXCELLENT | Orphan Espresso Fixie Hand Grinder

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  • What's in the box

  • Orphan Espresso Fixie grinder
  • Three Fixie Disks for grind adjustment
  • Four teflon tuner shims
  • Tyvek drawstring travel bag
  • Instruction Manual
fixie grinder
orphan espresso fixie and aeropress

Made To Travel

Orphan Espresso built the Fixie with a lofty goal in mind: delivering precise grinding performance in a relatively small and impressively lightweight hand grinder. The results clearly demonstrate their success, producing a grinder measuring under eight inches and less than one pound that still uses the same time-tested 47 mm hardened steel conical burr offered in their LIDO series grinders. You’ll get all of the accessories that you need for easy travel—a Tyvek drawstring bag with a built-in pocket for the grinder’s crank arm, as well as a small tin to store all of the adjustment disks for the grinder—making the Fixie more than prepared to come along wherever you might be headed.

Orphan Espresso Fixie

Durable Build, Premium Performance

It’d be easy to think that making such a portable grinder requires compromising on the build quality, but not for the Fixie. The grinder body and crank arm are made from carbon fiber, the bearing plates, drive disk, assembly nut, axle, and burr carrier are all made from anodized aluminum, and the grinds catch is made of lightweight but rugged titanium. Keeping a dual bearing design is necessary for high quality consistency, but Orphan Espresso chose to forego more standard metal bearings instead for Delrin, a low-friction and highly wear-resistant plastic. Finally, both the grinds jar seal and the plug for the side-fill hopper are silicone for tight seals and long life. Every part has a purpose, and it all comes together with those Etzinger conical burrs that will give you a wide filter grind range and really excel at fine through medium grind sizes.

fixie disks

Grind Adjustment Ingenuity

Simplifying the process of grind adjustment is at the forefront of this hand grinder’s many features. Instead of the standard mechanical adjustment you get on most grinders the Fixie instead utilizes three precisely machined Delrin adjustment disks to act as spacers, setting the burrs to a precise distance (within 0.02 mm) for fine, medium, and coarse settings. These settings can be used pretty comfortably for Aeropress, Chemex, and french press respectively. But if you want even more control Orphan Espresso has you covered; the Fixie comes with four Teflon tuner shims (two at 0.1 mm, two at 0.2 mm) for fine-tuning your grind to be just right. Between the Fixie Disks and the tuner shims you can achieve 0.1 mm steps through 19 different settings ranging from stovetop moka pot to cold brew.

  • conical icon

    47 mm hardened steel conical burr

  • fiber icon

    Carbon fiber body

  • steel icon

    Anodized Aircraft aluminum axle and burr carrier

  • grind range icon

    Simplified adjustment system with Delrin Fixie Disks

More Features

Side fill hopper with silicone plug

Handle with rubberized pommel

40 gram capacity titanium grinds catch

Dual Delrin bearings

Precision teflon tuner shims for fine adjustments

Tyvek drawstring tracel bag included

Anodized aluminum breading plates, drive disk, and assembly nut

Weight: 330 grams (0.7 pounds)
Height: 196 mm (7.7 in)
Grinder Body Diameter: 48 mm (1.9 in)
Grinds Catch Diameter: 54 mm (2.1 in)
Burr: 47 mm hardened steel conical burr by Etzinger
Materials: Carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, silicone, steel, Delrin, teflon, Tyvek (travel bag)

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