Premium Travel Bag for Hand Grinders - Medium Size

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Take your grinder on the road without fear with our Premium Travel Bag for Hand Grinders!


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A high-quality hand grinder deserves an accessory that will keep it looking pristine no matter where you take it, and now with a Premium Travel Bag you’re ready to traverse the world and brew wherever duty calls. Crafted with a sleek polyester exterior, a soft flannel interior, and a quality leather accent, these bags are all handmade right here in Louisville, KY. Designed with your grinder in mind you’ll find an interior pocket to keep your crank handle secure, and the leather tie works to cinch your travel bag closed to keep your grinder safe and sound.

This Medium sized bag is perfect for smaller hand grinders like the Knock Aergrind or Feld 2, the Helor 101, the Comandante C40 MkIII, or the Kinu M47 Traveler.

What's in the box:

  • Medium Premium Travel Bag for Hand Grinders
  • If you are looking for a travel bag that will fit a larger hand grinder, check out our Large Premium Travel Bag!


    Medium Premium Travel Bag Features:

    • Hand crafted in Louisville, KY
    • Exterior material: Polyester
    • Interior material: Flannel
    • Secured with leather tie
    • 3" Width
    • 3" Depth
    • 8.5" Height
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