A Comparison of Pour Over Brewing Kettles

A Comparison of Pour Over Brewing Kettles

Dec 11th 2017 Written by calebspindler

Every trade has its tools, and that of manual coffee-making is no exception. One of the most important tools — especially for pour-over brewing — is the kettle. And, if you ask us, these are the best ones out there.

Manual coffee-making is no exception to the rule that every trade has certain tools. When it comes to pour-over brewing, one of the most important tools is the kettle. As more and more people become enamored by the art of brewing a great cup of coffee, the demand for a kettle that fits the professional and novice alike continues to grow. If you ask us, these are our favorite pour over kettles.

  • Bonavita Pour Over Kettle


    Offering a number of affordable kettles, Bonavita is an excellent place to start if you are just getting started with pour overs. Its gooseneck spout allows a slow, responsive, and predictable pour, perfect for manual brewing. And with a brushed stainless steel finish and an ergonomic handle, this 1-liter kettle is both long-lasting and comfortable to use. On top of this, the Bonavita also comes in an electric version, ideal for those situations where stove-top heating is unavailable.

  • Bonavita Variable Temperature Pour Over Kettle

    Bonavita Variable Temperature

    Keeping with the convenience and affordability of the electric and stove-top Bonavitas, the variable temperature model allows you to select a desired water temperature. When reached, the hold-temp function can maintain the desired temperature for up to an hour. Furthermore, with a 1- or 1.7-liter capacity, a gooseneck spout, temperature presets, and a built-in timer, this variable temperature kettle provides a simpler way for brewing in the same fashion every time.

  • Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

    Fellow Stagg

    This beautiful collaboration of aesthetic and balance has quickly become an industry favorite. The Fellow Stagg kettle features a matte black (or polished stainless steel) body, built-in thermometer, and a weighted handle for optimal counterbalance. The Stagg is a high-precision kettle well suited for delicate single-cup brews and 40oz Chemexes alike. Its broad flow rate spectrum offers incredible versatility, and its thoughtfully designed handle offers the ultimate in comfort and control.

  • Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle

    Fellow Stagg EKG Variable Temp.

    Analogous to the non-electric version, the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle maintains the beautiful combination of elegance and functionality. Featuring the same body-shape, built-in thermometer, precision pouring spout, and counter-weighted handle, the Stagg EKG implements an artful and uncomplicated variable temperature control. This 900-ml kettle heats up quickly and accurately, while also offering a hold function to maintain your desired temperature for up to an hour.

  • Hario V60 Buono Kettle

    Hario V60 Buono

    The Hario V60 Buono has reigned as the king of pour over kettles for years, being the primary kettle found in homes and coffee shops. While there are now a number of other options, the Japanese-made Hario Buono is still a favorite to many. The non-electric version comes with a 1000-ml or 1200-ml capacity, while its electric version offers an 800-ml capacity. Compared to others on this page, we have found that it is slightly lacking in precision, though it excels in comfort, build, and beauty.

  • Hario Cooper Buono Kettle

    Hario Copper Buono

    Hario's Copper Buono is nearly identical to the V60 Buono. From its copper, brass, and walnut construction to its nickel-plated interior, this kettle is truly a piece of art. And with it's tarnish-resistant clear coat, you can have the assurance that its intrinsic beauty will not be masked by a metallic flavor. With a redesigned spout and a slightly different S-curve, the Copper Buono offers improved pouring control. Because it is made out of copper, it cannot be used directly on an induction burner.

  • Hario Bona Kettle

    Hario Bona

    The Bona kettle by Hario brings together a touch of modern design and the classic enameled steel that is so characteristic of farmhouse kitchens. It has beautiful teak wood accents and an alluring gooseneck spout. While the kettle’s speckled-blue interior is capable of holding 1.4 liters, it has a practical capacity of 800-ml, giving you just enough capacity for brewing with friends or family. And after you see this on your counter or stove, you will probably want to buy one for a friend.

  • Kalita Thin Spout Kettle

    Kalita Thin Spout

    Kalita’s Thin Spout Kettle is both aesthetically pleasing and precise. It offers a very slow, controlled flow rate that pairs well when brewing with Kalita’s Wave or other pour over methods. Its lustrous stainless steel construction is particularly lightweight, weighing only 345 grams, making this one easy to hold for extended periods of time. Kalita’s Thin Spout Kettle has a capacity of 700-ml and is therefore perfect for you if you are only preparing 1-2 cups at a time.

  • Kalita Wave Pot Kettle

    Kalita Wave Pot

    The Wave Pot by Kalita, with it’s gleaming stainless-steel and wooden accents, is very nice to look at. It offers a wide-range of flow rates and holds about 1000-ml, making this perfect for brewing manually. Compared to others, the Wave Pot offers increased temperature stability due to its thicker stainless steel. While it remains a strong and stylish option for all pour over brewing methods, the Wave Pot requires a severe posture, docking it a few points for handling.

  • Takahiro Pouring kettles


    The Takahiro Pouring Kettle comes in two different sizes, 500-ml and 900-ml, and therefore capable of accommodating a range of brewing apparatuses. The Japanese manufacturer, Takahiro, has made a name for itself, being known for their strong stainless steel products with excellent pouring control. It is a highly coveted tool among brewmasters, offering an unmatched ability to dial in on a technique that best fits your specific recipe.

Comparison Chart of Pour Over Brewing Kettles

Kettle Capacity Style Material Weight Price


Bonavita Pour Over Kettle
1000ml Stove-top or Electric Stainless Steel 344-570g $34.99-55.99

Bonavita Variable Temperature

Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle
1000-1700ml Variable Temp. Stainless Steel 570-692g $84.99-94.99

Fellow Stagg

Fellow Stagg Kettle
1000ml Stove-top Stainless Steel 522g $69.00-99.00

Fellow Stagg EKG

Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle
900ml Variable Temp. Stainless Steel 791g $149.00

Hario V60 Buono

Hario Buono V60 Kettle
1000-1200ml Stove-top or Electric Stainless Steel 364-405g $51.00

Hario Copper Buono

Hario Copper Buono Kettle
900ml Stove-top Copper w/ Nickel Interior 448g $118.00

Hario Bona

Hario Bona Kettle
800ml Stove-top Enameled Steel 722g $63.50

Kalita Thin Spout

Kalita Thin Spout Kettle
700mL Stove-top Stainless Steel 342g $77.95

Kalita Wave

Kalita Wave Pot Kettle
1000ml Stove-top Stainless Steel 472g $107.95


Takahiro pouring kettle
500-900mL Stove-top Stainless Steel 325-384g- $119.99-129.99
Dec 11th 2017 calebspindler

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