Expanded Brewing Guides: The Best of Immersion & Pour Over Methods

Coffee Brewing Methods How-To

It’s coming up on a year since we released our beginner’s guides to immersion and pour over brewing, and we’re thrilled to expand on these educational materials. We’ve revisited our methods, improved our instructions, and added to our offerings. So what’s new?

Our Beginner's Guide to Pour Over Coffee Brewing now includes visual grind setting recommendations and an introduction to our newest pour over brewer: the Walkure.

We've also beefed up our Beginner's Guide to Immersion Coffee Brewing with visual grind setting recommendations and the latest full immersion gear: new presses, Hario siphons, and a miniature Clever.

Check out a preview of these changes below. For details, visit the full posts.


Walkure pour over coffee-maker

It’s one of the oldest brewers around but the newest to the specialty scene. Say “so long” to disposable paper filters and reusable cloth or metal: this German beauty has a porcelain grid built right in. Combining flat-bottom filtration with gorgeous porcelain and unique flow control, the Walkure makes coffee like you’ve never had it before.

"What sets the Walkure apart from other pour over brewers?"

French Presses

New french presses from Hario and Espro

Our offerings have been french press free for months, but these new brewers from Espro and Hario were truly irresistible. The Espro Press implements a dual barrel-shaped mesh filter to catch that famous french press grit, producing a cup that’s full-bodied and flavorful but goes down smooth. Hario’s pretty presses add a new wave of style to our lineup and wield two walls of tough glass to keep coffee hot.

"How do these presses stack up against other immersion methods?"

Hario Siphons

Hario siphons, 3- and 5-cup

One of our favorite brewers is now made by one of our favorite brands. Hario put its famous glass to use to design their own take on one of history best inventions: the siphon brewer. They’re sleek, they’re understated, and they’re ready to make your morning.

"What makes the siphon so sweet?"

Clever Coffee Drippers

Clever Coffee Drippers

Coffee-makers don’t get any simpler — just smaller. For the easiest cup of coffee you’ll ever make, check out the Clever. Originally available in only one size, we’ve expanded our offerings for those with less of an appetite. Don’t worry: the flavor is just as big.

"Is the Clever really that much easier?"

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