Hario Remix: Fresh Beats for the Third Wave

Hario Coffee Brewing Gear

Something has been stirring in Japan... and it finally made it stateside. Hario has been reimagining means of coffeemaking for years, and their methods are now totally mainstream. But the latest Hario shipment to arrive in Louisville included more than just the classics: we’re bringing aboard an exciting new lineup. Take a look at the latest from Hario, available soon for purchase.

The Buono Bunch

Everybody’s favorite family just got bigger. It’s been over two years since we first caught wind of the electric Buono’s voyage to the States and, to much disappointment, its arrival was delayed indefinitely. We’re thrilled to announce that the electric version of Hario’s beloved kettle has finally made it! It’s not on its way, it’s not backordered — it’s here, shining on the shelves of our warehouse ($74.50, ships free). But the greatest tidings come in twos: meet the Buono’s smaller sibling, a 1.0-liter pouring kettle with all of the good looks that run in the family ($53.00, ships free). As always, it is safe for the stovetop, feels nice in the hand, and pours like a dream.

Hario's Electric Buono and 1.0-Liter Pouring Kettle are available for purchase immediately.

Presses to Please

Hario French Presses

It’s been some time since we really fancied a French press. The Espro Press is an impressive reinvention of this classic brewer, but for those who prefer glass walls and a simpler interior, Hario offers two takes on the press pot. A petite metal press ($27.75) offers a retro look and small serving size. With a slightly larger capacity, Hario’s double-walled olive wood press ($80.00, ships free) has a Chemex-like collar and superior insulation.

The Double-Walled Glass Coffee Press and Petite Metal Coffee Press are available for pre-order immediately.

Masked No More

Hario’s siphons have eluded the U.S. market in recent years — sometimes assuming the alias “Bonmac” — but they’ve finally crossed the Pacific and we’re among the first to welcome them ashore. Available in 3- or 5-cup capacities ($69.25 and $74.75, ships free), they are crafted with the toughest glass and pair brilliantly with Yama’s butane burner ($46.50, ships free).

Hario’s siphons are available for purchase immediately.

¡Viva la V60!

We thought we’d bring some color to this classic lineup, so now V60s come in 16 vivid combinations. Choose from two sizes, three materials, and five colors to brew in a way that suits you best. A new self-contained brewing unit, reminiscent of the Woodneck, is also making it’s debut and introduces an even simpler way to use the V60 ($38.00, ships free). Finally, the standard carafe for both shops and stay-at-homes, Hario’s V60 range server, is now available in a third, smaller size: 360 ml ($18.00).

The new V60 Drippers and 360-Milliliter Range Server are available for purchase immediately. The Drip Decanter will be listed and available for purchase by the fourth week of September.

Double Trouble

Bodum’s glass coffee and tea cups have earned a sturdy reputation, but we wondered if we could do better. With two strong glass walls for superior heat retention and strength, Hario’s cup collection complements the beehive design of the V60 family. They’re ready for any application, including hot or cold drinks, and are available in three sizes: 6-ounce, 10-ounce, and 15-ounce ($10.00, $12.00, and $15.00).

Hario’s double-walled glasses are available for purchase immediately.

As passionate purveyors of coffee and espresso equipment, we task ourselves with discovering the finest and freshest gear for all of your adventures. To find out exactly when these new products will be on sale, and to be sure you don’t miss out on anything else, keep track of Prima on Twitter and Facebook.

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