How To Get Started Brewing Coffee At Home

3 cup chemex and a stack of records

Brewing at home is for everyone

Everyone’s coffee journey begins somewhere. There’s a wealth of information to explore out there detailing techniques, tips, and recipes, but one of the truest things you can learn about coffee is that everyone can be their own barista! To get started all you need is a little gear, some roasted coffee, water, and a little bit of patience.

This page is dedicated to jumpstarting your home set-up and outfitting you with the basic knowledge that will empower you to brew up the good stuff from wherever you are. You’ll find our recommendations for brewers, grinders, and accessories that are perfect for anyone at any skill level to be able to pick up and brew with, and a collection of resources that will get you started on the right foot.

Free Live Workshop

Get Started With Coffee At Home: Choosing Your Gear

The first event in our series for home brewing beginners, this workshop and Q&A focuses on choosing the right gear for your home to get you started on the right foot.

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Get Started With Coffee At Home: Basic Brewing

The second event in our series for home brewing beginners, this workshop and Q&A focuses on basic brewing techniques and recipes for different styles of brewer.

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Get Started With Coffee At Home: Adjusting Recipes

The third event in our series for home brewing beginners, this workshop and Q&A focuses on adjusting your brewing recipe to taste for the best results in your mug.

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Resources For Brewing At Home

Starting Point Recipes

Brewer Coffee Dose Water Dose Grind Setting Brew Time
V60 25 g/4.5 tbsp 400 ml/13.5 fl oz. Medium-Fine 2:30-3:00
Wave 30 g/5.5 tbsp 480 ml/16 fl oz. Medium 3:00-3:30
Chemex 40 g/7 tbsp 640 ml/21.5 fl oz. Medium-Coarse 4:00-5:00
Auto Drip 5 g/10 tbsp 880 ml/30 fl oz. Medium-Coarse 4:00-5:00
French Press 30 g/5.5 tbsp 450 ml/30 fl oz. Medium-Coarse 4:30-5:00

Starting Grind Size

Grind Setting Looks Like Encore Grind Setting
Fine Powder 8
Medium-Fine Table Salt 14
Medium Coarse Sand 17
Medium-Coarse Kosher Salt 20
Coarse Fine Gravel 28

Brewed Coffee Dial-in Guide

Recommended Reading

Basic Brewing Principles

Basic Brewing Principles

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How to clean your burr grinder

How to clean your burr grinder

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Care and Maintenance for coffee equipment

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Flat bottom brewing principles

Flat Bottom Brewing Principles

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French Press brewing principles

French Press Brewing Principles

There aren’t many purer representations of the wonders of full-immersion coffee brewing than the french press. Resulting in big body and rich flavors, the brewer’s simple design obscures the more complex...

Intermediate brewing principles

Intermediate Brewing Principles

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Dialing in with the Bonavita Coffee Maker

Dialing In Your Bonavita

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