How To Get Started Brewing Coffee At Home

how to get started brewing coffee at home

How To Get Started Brewing Coffee At Home

Specialty coffee is for everyone

There’s a wealth of information to explore out there detailing techniques, tips, and recipes, but one of the truest things you can learn about coffee is that it doesn’t need to be complicated. To get on the path to brewing coffee you love, all you need is a little gear, some freshly roasted coffee, clean water, and a little bit of patience.

This page is dedicated to jumpstarting your knowledge and outfitting you with all the essential tools to empower you to brew up the good stuff from wherever you are. In addition to a few learning resources, you’ll find our recommendations for brewers, grinders, and accessories that are perfect for anyone on a mission to build a complete coffee bar at home

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encore grinder


If your goal is making tasty coffee time and time again it’s important to be sure that you’re using the same recipe every time; and the simplest way to guarantee consistency is measuring out your coffee grounds and water with a quality scale. Whether you choose a features-packed wonder-scale or a barebones utility piece, you’ll see the most success with the most precise measurements you can find. Depending on how you choose to brew, this could be the last piece you need and you can skip to our accessories section; but, if you’re going to be using a pour over brewer, be sure to follow along for some advice on pouring kettles after this.

Acaia Pearl S Scale

Acaia Pearl S

The top-of-the-line brewing scale from Acaia does more than just weigh your beans. You can practice your pouring with flow rate feedback, follow along with step-by-step brewing instructions in Brewguide Mode, and (for the technologically-inclined) track all of your brews in Acaia’s Brewguide App.

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Jennings CJ4000 image

Jennings CJ4000 Scale

Inexpensive and sturdy the CJ4000 would be a wonderful choice for any budget-conscious brewer. With a 4 kg capacity, 0.5 g resolution, and the option to run on battery power or AC adaptor, this scale is flexible in its uses and reliable in its read-outs.

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Timemore Black Mirror Coffee and Espresso Scale

Timemore Black Mirror Plus Coffee and Espresso Scale

A happy medium between the top-of-the-line Acaia Pearl Model S and the budget-friendly CJ4000, the Timemore Black Mirror scale provides a chic and simple design while boasting all of the necessary features like accuracy to 0.1 gram, large capacity, silicone heat pad, and built in timer.

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white ekg and white french press


If you’re dreaming of brewing pour overs with ease a slow pouring kettle will be your best friend. Controlling the flow of water and making sure you stay on recipe can be a challenge with many tea kettles, water boilers, or makeshift solutions, but these gooseneck kettles are here to step in and solve your water woes. Be sure to double check our accessories section below to see what other items you can use for a top-notch coffee set up!

Fellow Stagg EKG

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Variable Temperature Pouring Kettle

Beautifully designed and comfortable to handle, this electric kettle will heat your water to the specific temperature you set it to and keep it there for hours if you need. Its slow and controlled flow rate makes pour over coffee approachable, while its intuitive user interface ensures that anyone can use this kettle right out of the box.

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Bonavita Kettle

Hario V60 Buono Kettle

While an electric kettle adds a measure of convenience, stovetop kettles get the job done for a lot less cash. Hario’s Buono Kettle is a long held industry standard for pour over brewing, offering exceptional balance, flow control, and an aesthetically pleasing steel body. If you’re on a budget and in need of a 1.0L-1.2L precision pouring kettle, this is without a doubt the one to get.

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Hario Smart G Kettle

Brewista V-Spout Electric Kettle

Some devices require no precision gooseneck spout pouring kettle to brew great coffee. Especially if you’re using a french press, Aeropress or Delter Press, Tricolate, Walkure or Clever, a simple V-spout spout kettle gets the job done more efficiently due its higher flow rate. They also work great for tea and coffee cuppings! The Brewista V-Spout also includes the added convenience of electronic operation, allowing you to set precise brewing temperatures and keep your kettle stationed at your brew bar.

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coffee server outdoors

Coffee Brewing Filters and Accessories

The right coffee accessories can help elevate your extractions to that next level, and also make the experience of brewing more enjoyable. Here’s our top picks for coffee toys and accessories that enhance the joy of making great coffee at home, plus a comprehensive selection of filters you’ll need to get started.

Coffee filters

Coffee Filters

Waking up to find an empty box of filters is a real bummer! No matter what brewer you have, you’ll find the filters you need here. When buying filters be sure to check not only brand and model compatibility, but also that you’re getting the right size for your brewer.

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Hario Glass Server

Hario 1000 ml Clear Glass Server

Having a dedicated carafe for your pour over brewer will come in handy, and this 1000 ml offering from Hario is sized to accommodate almost any brewer and up to a whole liter of coffee.

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Urnex Cafiza

Clean, fresh tasting brews require equally clean brewing equipment. Cafiza coffee detergent is specially formulated to remove built up coffee oils that would otherwise muddy up your delicious brews. Make a habit of soaking and scrubbing your new gear with coffee detergent at least once a week for the best results.

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Third Wave Water

Third Wave Water

Did you know that it takes more than clean water to make coffee taste great? The right balance of minerals is key to creating balance and highlighting the delicate flavor characteristics inherent in every coffee. Add one pack of Third Wave Water to a gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water, and you’ll have cafe-quality water at home.

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Coffee Brewers Logbook

Coffee Brewers Logbook

The best way to master the art of coffee brewing is to practice, then record your results for future reference. The Coffee Brewer’s Logbook makes it easy to build a reputare of specs and recipes for each new coffee.

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Airscape Coffee Storage Container

Airscape Coffee Storage Container

Protect your coffee from oxidation with an airtight storage container, like the Airscape. Coffee beans sealed away from air and light will stay fresher longer.

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Resources For Brewing At Home

Starting Point Recipes

Brewer Coffee Dose Water Dose Grind Setting Brew Time
V60 25 g/4.5 tbsp 400 ml/13.5 fl oz. Medium-Fine 2:30-3:00
Wave 30 g/5.5 tbsp 480 ml/16 fl oz. Medium 3:00-3:30
Chemex 40 g/7 tbsp 640 ml/21.5 fl oz. Medium-Coarse 4:00-5:00
Auto Drip 5 g/10 tbsp 880 ml/30 fl oz. Medium-Coarse 4:00-5:00
French Press 30 g/5.5 tbsp 450 ml/30 fl oz. Medium-Coarse 4:30-5:00

Starting Grind Sizes

Grind Setting Looks Like Encore Grind Setting
Fine Powder 8
Medium-Fine Table Salt 14
Medium Coarse Sand 17
Medium-Coarse Kosher Salt 20
Coarse Fine Gravel 28

Brewed Coffee Dial-in Guide

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