What's New at Prima Coffee

What's New at Prima Coffee

Feb 12th 2015 Written by steve.rhinehart

Find out what is new at Prima Coffee. We have brought in some new gadgets and gear that we are geeking out over.

Here at Prima, we've always got our eye out for spiffy new coffee gear to add to our product catalog. From novel brewing methods to high-tech machines, and even just shiny new toys to play with, we have fallen in love with some of the coffee industry's best products and are happy to offer them to you. But sometimes a new product on our site might slip under the radar, even if it's super exciting - and that makes us a little sad! To highlight some of the most recent and most noteworthy products we've brought on, we shot a quick video preview of the new kids on our little block.

And wouldn't you know it, we've got even more goodies that didn't quite make it into the video, so take a look at the full list of new VIPs down below! Take a look at the summaries here, and click through to see each product's listing page for more info and pricing.

Manual Brewing Equipment

  • Hario Copper V60 Dripper Size 02

    Hario Copper V60

    Hario's ubiquitous pourover cone gets an upgrade with a serious dose of class. Solid copper, with nickel plating, brass handle, and a clear-coat finish.

  • Hario Copper Buono Kettle

    Hario Copper Buono Kettle

    Hario's new Copper Buono kettle holds 900 mL and features a redesigned spout for more control, walnut and brass accents, and an ergonomic grip.

  • notNeutral GINO Dripper

    notNeutral GINO Dripper

    Functionally similar to the Kalita Wave 185, notNeutral's GINO glass dripper features double-wall construction for better insulation, and a clean design that's perfect for cup-top brewing.

  • notNeutral GINO Decanter

    notNeutral GINO Decanter

    This stylish carafe holds 20 ounces of coffee, offers vacuum-sealed double-wall insulation, and is the ideal companion to the GINO dripper.

  • Espresso

    Crossland CC1 Espresso Machine

    Crossland CC1 Espresso Machine

    The Crossland CC1 packs a multitude of high-tech features, including programmable pre-infusion and a PID, into a compact home espresso machine.

  • Automatic Brewing

    Bonavita BV1900TS Automatic Brewer

    Bonavita BV1900TS Brewer

    This "Next-Gen" automatic brewer features a basket-style filter, a newly redesigned showerhead, and a unique preinfusion brew mode to extract the very best from your favorite coffees.

  • Cold Brewing

    Cold Bruer Cold Drip Coffee Maker

    Cold Bruer

    Bruer's signature, easy to use cold-drip coffeemaker is a novel and affordable way to make your own sweet and delicious cold brew at home.


  • Mahlkonig EKK43

    Mahlkonig EKK43

    When you need the unmatched grind consistency of the EK43, and double the capacity and throughput, you need an EKK43. Now available in black and white.

  • Malhkonig K30 Air

    Mahlkonig K30 Air

    The official espresso grinder of the USBC just got even better - the K30 features active cooling to keep your shots pulling consistently all day long.

  • Nuova Simonelli Mythos One

    Nuova Simonelli Mythos One

    One of the most advanced espresso grinders on the market today, the Mythos One was developed in partnership with world champ baristas to produce some of the best shots around.


  • CoffeeSock Cloth Filters

    CoffeeSock Cloth Filters

    These organic cotton cloth filters will transform your Chemex and V60 brews into syrupy rich goodness. Two reusable cloth filters per pack.

  • KeepCup Glass Travel Cups

    KeepCup Brew Series

    KeepCup's glass Brew series cups are a joy to drink from, spill-resistant, and rather pretty to boot. Check out the special edition cork bands, too!

  • Global Customized Water

    Global Customized Water

    The AB Formula has the power to turn one gallon of distilled water into the perfect formula for brewing. Prima tested and approved!

  • Hario ETL-Certified Beam Heater

    Hario Beam Heater

    Hario's new ETL-certified Beam Heater is even more powerful, and redesigned for North American markets. Siphon brewing has never been more fun!

  • Espresso Parts Pitcher Rinsers

    Espresso Parts Pitcher Rinsers

    These rinsers are a must on a busy bar, and they've got the build quality to stand up to even the most harried of baristas. Great for rinsing glassware too!

  • Able Heat Lid for Chemex

    Able Heat Lid

    With Able's Heat Lid, you can keep your Chemex brews tasting hot and fresh for even longer. Available in snazzy black and white.

Feb 12th 2015 steve.rhinehart

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